After graduating from senior high in my home country Papua New Guinea, I never thought that studying abroad would be possible for me. On the news paper one day, there was an article stating that scholarships were available and given to students who wished to pursue their studies in China by the Government of China through the Chinese embassy. Being interested, I decided to give it a try by applying so I did, I never knew I will be selected or not but did it for interest sake.

I got a call from the Chinese Embassy on the eve of July 2012 about my interview with them as a short listed candidate for the scholarship. That day was the best day of my life, I succeeded during the interview and finally secured a space to study in one of the universities in China. I left for Shanghai on a given date, it was my first time to travel out of my country, I was so exited but sad on the other hand because I had to leave my family, friends and loved ones. Upon arrival at my school, home sick crept in but I managed well.

Shanghai city was breath taking as I gasped in awe of the tallest sky scrapers, it was a nice experience to have such an opportunity to come abroad for studies. Well, I enjoyed my first year into studying language. However, things did not work out well for me, I encountered some complications so I went back to Papua New Guinea after the first semester.

Despite the problems and complication, it never involved my interest of coming back to China again for study, it was still burning inside me. While at home, I kept on searching for information on how to come back to China to continue my study . Fortunately , I came across a friend who is currently studying in Wuhan and that good friend provided me with necessary information about an organization called CUCAS, it deals with study opportunities here in China by linking up interested students overseas. Feeling content and satisfied with the information collected, I happily logged in to the CUCAS website, created an account and applied as per the guidelines and steps set.

I can say CUCAS organization and its team members are very well organized and their work is first class. They were really helpful to me, up to date and reliable. I got my response from them within 24 hours, their clients are paramount in their work ethics, I got updated on every process they went through concerning me. I paid the processing fees for the institution and waited until they made my way possible to come back to China again for study. Finally I got an acceptance letter from Wenzhou University to study International Trade and Economics, secured a room at the university, It was made possible throughA�CUCAS.

Study experience in China is very interesting and enjoyable. It depends on the day to day interactions between the teachers and the students. Basically, the understanding of the lessons taught depends mostly on the methods used to disseminate the knowledge by the teachers to the students, it also depends on how prepared and ready the student is to capture the main ideas on subjects taught. Language is a barrier to many foreign students. However students fromA�English speaking countries find it easy to cope well while the students from Spanish, French , Russian, Italian speaking countries sometimes face complications to cope with lessons because the course is in English but lecturers are helpful and are always there for help.

From observations, many lecturers use the same format of teaching, during their lessons they walk in with colourful power point and teach until time is up and there is not enough time for feedbacks and questions. Another lecturer is waiting on the door or walks in at the same time with his or her own lessons, it really depends on how the student commit his or her time to studying will understand and move on. Another type of teaching method used is group discussion or general discussion within the students themselves on a particular topic provided by the lecturer, for the first time you may think that ita��s a market place on public place, noise with laughter dominates the building until class is over, by doing that I realised that students learn very well by discussing and contributions of ideas from different individuals according to their own understanding and perspective.

The learning environment that I refer to depends on the teacher and the student in communicating with each other. It is full of fun as we get to know each other very well and working with a common objective to achieve a common goal, more laughter and smiles every day as time passes. In the lectures, teachers give us time to share our ideas in understanding the particular topic taught, we revise together before examinations.

Communication between students themselves is considered important and vital, it makes the environment that we live and study more harmonious. There is a way of communicating between the school and the students which seems very effective and convenient. The staff from international students affairs department in my university have collected all contact in the likes of phone numbers and email addresses for all foreign students so that any activities arise, we are being notified through those mediums of communication. The school keeps us very busy with activities that contributes to our well being and learning.

About extracurricular activities apart from studying and classes are well organised too by the university. Being in Wenzhou University since, the school has organized and arranged many sightseeing tours and excursions. One is scheduled for travelling to Hangzhou and Wuzhen on the 21stA�and 22ndA�of this month (December 2013). Among ourselves, we also organize our own trips to the nearby cities like Wenshen and others, we also go hiking and mountain climbing in and around Wenzhou. For school organised trips, all the cost and expenses are met by the school, we have fun and really enjoy the views of the scenic and beautiful environments and handy works of creative people of this beautiful country. We also have a group comprising seven organising committees especially foreign students, they take charge in organising recreations activities within the school inA�accordance with the chinese festivals and others such as Halloween party, Christmas functions, sports etc,..

I like my fellow foreign students because each and everyone of them are cooperative, I really enjoy being part of the team, it fun filled. I love the environment of my schools much, Wenzhou university is located away from the main city, it lies in a valley surrounded by highest peaks and I tell you, you will really fall for the view, it is indeed a paradise to me when looking out of myA�window during brighter and clear days without rain and fogs.

The living condition and its cost and expenses are quite reasonable, the food is great, I enjoy different cuisines from china prepared by our chefs at the school. The staff and the surrounding community are very friendly, we receive free smiles that makes our day refreshing and worth, I like the kind and friendly environment, its really enjoyable studying here at Wenzhou University, life is good from my perspective as a student.

All in all, I would never have had a privilege to come to study here in china, and experience the beautiful place with hardworking and friendly people like now but mega acknowledgement to the CUCAS team for making everything possible and importantly making my dreams come true, further more, as a beneficent of this great organization, I would recommend the team as the best choice for students like me who wish to pursue their studies here in china. I hope I will enjoy my stay here as a foreign student until completion of my studies.








Author Details:

999615_410805029047506_1147229322_nName:A�Jennifer Robert

Nationality:A�Papua New Guinea

University:A�Wenzhou University

Major:A�International Trade and Economics