1. Public Transportation

Transportation around UIBE is quite convenient for students. There are generally two subway stations near UIBE and several bus stations.


UIBE is 800 meters from Huixinxijienankou Station (惠新西街南口站), which is a interchange station between line 5 and line 10.


Line 10, the second loop line in Beijing, is an important line and perhaps the busiest one, so you had better avoid the rush hour in the morning, for it will be hard to get on the subway.

The subway ticket cost 2 RMB. (You can use the transportation card here, but no discount)

Some important stations on line 10:

Shaoyaoju Station (芍药居站)is another station which is close to UIBE and students can get there from the East Gate of UIBE by walking about 10-15 mins. If you do not want to walk, there is also a bus 567, which only takes 5 mins to get to Shaoyaoju Station. However, the time you spend on waiting for the bus may vary from 3 mins to 15 mins.


Tuanjiehu Station (团结湖站)can take you to the area near Tuanjiehu Park. The well-known place Sanlitun(三里屯) is only 600 meters from the station (take the Exit D). The area currently houses many bars and clubs popular with expatriates and locals as well as international brand-name stores such as American Apparel, Apple Inc. and Adidas. It is notable for housing the largest Adidas store in the world.


Guomao Station

Guomao(国贸站) is an area in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, close to Dabeiyao and in the vicinity of the Beijing central business district, that is CBD of beijing. The China World Trade Center is located there. Guomao is one of the busiest district where locates thousands of big enterprises and famous shopping malls.


(2) Bus

All the four gates of UIBE have bus stations and it is convenient to take the bus. In all, the West Gate has more bus stations.

West Gate: 62, 119, 361, 379, 406, 419, 422, 479, 602, 674, 684, 984.

East Gate: 119, 567.

North Gate: 119, 409, 422, 567.

South Gate: 119, 515.

Tips: If you get an IC card, the ticket each person is only 0.4 yuan. The student IC cards have additional 50 percent discount, but the recharge place is limited to several spots. You can recharge your card at Hepingdongqiaonan Station (和平东桥南)by bus  62, 119, 406, 674, or 684.

2.Around the University

Banks: There are many banks close to the school where students may easily open an account. There is a China Construction Bank near the West Gate and students only need to get across the street. Students can withdraw and save money easily or open accounts there.


However, only in big shops or restaurants are credit cards or debit cards accepted. The following banks provide foreign exchange services, including cashing personal checks, traveler’s checks and credit cards: Bank of China at Asian Games Village (take bus 984 and get off at Anhuiqiaobei Station); Bank of China, main branch at Yabao Lu (take Subway line 5 and transfer to line 1, get off at Jianguomen Station).

Post Office: The closest post office is not far from the west gate of the campus (near Ziguang Building). From there you mail letters and packages but it is rather small.


For large packages or other special services you can go to the larger office at the Asian Games Village (take bus 984 and get off at Anhuiqiaobei Station安慧桥北) or to the International Post Office at Jianguomen(建国门) (take Subway line 5 and transfer to line 1).

Mailing Address: If you live in UIBE’s on-campus dormitory, you will have a personal mailbox at UIBE, and you will be notified of the number of your mailbox after your arrival. Normally, if you don’t live in the on-campus dormitory, you will not have a mailbox from the University. But if necessary, your mail can be sent to the School of International Education, UIBE, Beijing 100029. The School of International Education will place your letters in a big public mailbox on the first floor of Huibin House.

Additional Information

From UIBE to the airport:

1)      You can take Line 10 and take the transfer station at Sanyuanqiao Station. The station can transfer passengers to Airport Line with 25 yuan in 30 mins. If you get off at Sanyuanqiao Station, it will lead you to the arrival hall directly.

2)      Taking a taxi to the airport will cost you more than 70 yuan and take about 30-40 mins if there is no traffic jam.


From UIBE to the police station:

The nearest police station is Xiaoguan Police Station (小关派出所). Students can take Bus 515 at the South Gate and get off at Xiaoguandongli (小关东里) Station, walk about 300 meters in order to get there.


From UIBE to the shopping mall:

The most convenient shopping mall near UIBE is Huatang Supermaket (华堂) at Huixindongqiaoxi Station(惠新东桥西) by bus 674, 684, 406, 379 or 479. Huatang Supermaket has a big supermarket at the B1 floor, while there are many sales from 1F to 5F. There are lots of discounts at the department. Brands there include: Etam, a02, ONLY, Vero Moda etc.