>>> Teaching Building

  • Chengxin BuildingThe building is one of the most time-honored buildings in the university and was erected when UIBE was built. Chengxin Building mainly contains teachersa�� offices and many meeting rooms. The Deana��s Office is located on the 6th floor and students can go there to get advice and help concerning courses and credits. The international meeting room, one of the most important meeting rooms for holding large events, is on the 3rd floor of this building.
  • Ningyuan BuildingThe red building near the South Gate of UIBE is Ningyuan Building, which is new with advanced equipments. The 8-floor building has a wide lobby, which is often used to hold exhibitions and events, and a large meeting room on the third floor. Classrooms on the 5rd, 7rd and 8rds are pretty large and each room is able to hold nearly 300 students. Students can go there for self-study when classrooms are available.
  • Boxue BuildingBoxue Building is close to the West Gate of UIBE. Classrooms in Boxue Building are smaller than Ningyuana��s. Offices of several schools, such as School of Business and Finance, School of International Relations, locate in this building. There used to be a football pitch behind this building, however, it is under construction these days and might be available in one or two years.

>>> Library

The current library in UIBE was founede in 2008. It collects a large range of books, including foreign language collections of over 57,000 volumes with a focus on economics, trade, and law.

In order to meet students’ need and help them with their papers and research, the library also offers digital resources from home and abroad, including databases, electronic journals, and electronic books. The library has a space of 25,000 square meters, it offers 2,338 chairs and 295 computers in its Electronic Reading Room.

The library now provides many considerate services to students and teachers, include self-service machines, circulation, resource retrieval, information service and research reference, interlibrary loan, multimedia services and so on.

>>> Bank

There are many banks close to the school where students may easily open an account. There is a China Construction Bank near the West Gate and students only need to get across the street. Students can withdraw and save money easily or open accounts there. Moreover, considering about the safety of students, UIBE provides many ATM within the university. There are three ATM of China Construction Bank on the first floor of Hongyuan Building (girls’ dormitory) and one ATM near Huide Building. ATM of the Bank of Communications and Bank of Beijing is near Zhixing Building (the building of the infirmary).

>>> Post Office

The closest post office is not far from the West gate of the campus (near Ziguang Building). From there you can mail letters and packages and send postcards to your friends.

>>> Supermarket

There is a supermarket on the B1 floor of Hongyuan Building. It covers a wide range of commodities. It also sells fruits and offers services for printing and scanning. Students can use e-card or money in the supermarket, but please notice that the fruit store and copy center accept cash ONLY.

There is another supermarket near foreign students’ dorm, which is under the northern stand of UIBE. The supermarket also offers fruits, foods and daily necessities.

>>> Gym

Outdoor venues include: an athletic field, a football pitch, 8 basketball courts, 5 volleyball courts, 5 tennis court, a golf practice court and some training and fitness areas; Indoor venues mainly contains badminton hall, table tennis hall, fitness room and so on.

Opening Hour:

  • Stadium (including soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts)Monday to Friday 06:00 – 22:00Saturday and Sunday 06:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 22:00
  • Badminton hallMonday to Friday 08:00 – 22:00Saturday and Sunday 07:00 – 22:00
  • Table tennis hallMonday to Friday 08:00 – 21:00Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 21:00

Please note that all venues do not open on class time and outdoor playground closing time is adjusted according to seasonal changes. Students MUST show their student ID cards in order to get into the field and use all the facilities.

>>> Safety

UIBE is located in one of the safest areas of Beijing. The University has a security office and you can call in case of an emergency (6449-2164) or contact the School of International Education (6449-2324 or 2329).

The following emergency numbers are in use throughout all China: Police 110, Fire 119, and Ambulance 120.

>>> Extra-curricular Activities

In order to enrich the life of international students, the School of International Education holds several lectures on various subjects, such as Chinese calligraphy, opera and drama, martial arts, and other topics each semester. It also organizes visit to fascinating resorts in Beijing, such as the National Museum, the Great Wall, and hutong. During spring and autumn holidays as well as summer vacations, tours to other parts of the country will be encouraged. There will be an international exchange festival every year and foreign students will be able to show their customs and culture to other students.


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