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Posts tagged "Indian student"

Indian MBBS Student shares his experience in Jinan University(?s?a?�a��a��)

Myself Satya Prakash Singh from India. Friends call me Satya . My major is M.B.B.S. I came to China on December, 11, 2011. This was the very first time when i came abroad. I landed in China with many of my classmates at BaiiyunAirport at late night 3 oa��clock. I Was feeling very sleepy but...

Aspiring medical students flock to China

NewsA�By Nirmala Ganapathy and Ho Ai Li,The Straits Times/Asia News Network Johnce Joseph, an 18-year-old from the southern Indian state of Kerala, has only ever wanted to become a doctor. But Johnce, a class-topper with a 97-percent score in high school exams, found that the only way to follow her dream was to leave India,...

Good News for Indian Students Who Want to Study MBBS Programs

It is time for Indian students to take the medical entrance examination. In India, this examination is fierce competitived. Every year, there are millions of students attending the exam, but only one third can get through. To guarantee your doctor dream come true, CUCAS suggest you apply MBBS programs in China now! WHY APPLY NOW: 1. Avoiding application...