Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is the first institution specializing in foreign language studies, with the largest number of foreign language programs in the China. Among the more than 7,000 registered BFSU students, there are approximately 1,000 international students. As one of the top Chinese universities to lecture in Chinese language and culture, BFSU has played a leading role in establishing 15 Confucius Institutes around the world. And recently, BFSU has opened up VIP Chinese Language Program, join this program, you will be a VIP student in BFSU.

VIP Chinese Language Program

Program Description: This VIP Chinese language program is suitable for students at any level. Ita��s the best choice for international students in China or corporate executives who want to improve their Chinese level in short time.

Program Highlights:

Special set up according to the needs of different groups.

Focuses on student-centered, aim on improving studentsa�� comprehensive language ability.

Use flexible teaching method, the teaching content is diversity and practicality.


Program Teaching Material School Time Tuition/Hour
One to One Class Flexible Flexible 160RMB/Hour
One to Two Class 140RMB/Hour
One to Three Class 120RMB/Hour
One to Four Class 100RMB/Hour
One to Five Class 80RMB/Hour

Entry Requirementsi?sOver 18 years old.


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Written by Tina Ma, editor of CUCAS team