Top 10 universities for Chinese study in China

When researching which university to apply to, it can be tricky to find out which institution is the best option for a particular subject. There are more than 5000 students who apply to Chinese universities through CUCAS. Based on the students’ choices and their feedback, the history of universities, subject ranking of Chinese universities, teaching quality, value for money, we list the following as the top ten universities for the study of Chinese language and culture in China.


No.1  Beijing Language and Culture University  i??a?�a?�e?�e?�a��a��i?�

There is no doubt Beijing Language and Culture University is China’s best language university. Beijing Language and Culture University was founded in 1962, and was originally named the Higher Preparatory School for Foreign Students. In 1996, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school became the Beijing Language and Culture University.

It is the only international university in China, and is highly respected. Its main task is to teach the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. As well as teaching Chinese, it also undertakes the tasks of teaching foreign languages, computer science and technology, finance and accountancy to Chinese students. It provides training courses for teachers who specialize in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and it offers pre-departure language training to candidates intending to live and work abroad.

BLCU is a fantastic place to study and work. "Join BLCU to create and share the multi-cultures." Beijing Language and Culture University is an international university where students from all over the world study together, and diversified cultures exchange with one another.


No.2 East China Normal University   i??a?Za??a??e??a��a��i?�


East China Normal University is a key University directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. It is listed as a member of the "985 project" and "211 project" (National key University). The University is situated in the down town of Shanghai and is well known as a Garden University for its beautiful campus.


East China Normal University owns the state base for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. It is also pointed by the office of overseas Chinese of the State Council as the Chinese teaching center. The online school of Chinese Language jointly run by the University and the National office of TCFL has become the biggest website in the world for teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


Strong faculty members, advanced education facilities, rich campus culture, consummation logistics support, mature peripheral environment, gives you comfort and convenience to study in ECNU.


No. 3 Peking University  i??a?�a?�a��a��i?�

Founded in 1898, Peking University (PKU) was the first national university to be founded in modern Chinese history, with a distinguished reputation at home and abroad, owing to its abundant teaching resources and the outstanding quality of its research.

The admission requirement for Chinese program at Peking University is different from other universities, you should learn Chinese before. It means you won’t be accepted if you are the beginner of Chinese.


No. 4 Fudan University  i??a�??��a��a��i?�


Initially known as Fudan Public School, Fudan University was founded in the year 1905. Fudan, literally meaning (heavenly light shines) day after day, indicates inexhaustible self-reliance and industriousness.

Fudan also actively incubates high-tech industries and encourages them to convert knowledge to power. Years of learning and discovering have yielded great benefits as well as profits. In return, the multi-pattern development of the high-tech industries helps the University with breathtaking efficiency to industrialize the research outcomes. Meanwhile, a group of University-sponsored enterprises is emerging, filled with passion and ambition. Fudan has thus created its signature style of doing business.


No. 5 Zhejiang University  i???��?�Ya��a��i?�

Zhejiang University is a key comprehensive university with all fields of study. Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University was initially known as "Qiushi Shuyuan" (Qiushi Academy), one of the earliest modern academies of higher learning established in China. Zhejiang University encourages all its faculty members and students to follow the spirit of "pursuing the truth, being rigorous and earnest, exerting oneself for never-ending progress, and pioneering new trails". It makes every effort to build itself into an institution on a par with the first-class university in the world.

In September 1998, a new Zhejiang University was established on the basis of the amalgamation of the four former separate universities, namely Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agricultural University and Zhejiang Medical University, all located in the garden city of Hangzhou


No. 6  Wuhan University  i???��?��a��a��i?�

Wuhan is central China’s largest city and possesses a deep French influence. Both Chinese and foreigners from around the world have given Wuhan University high praise. Majors like law, economics, management, Chinese and medicine attract over 1500 international students every year. This is one of China’s most phenomenal universities.

A long history, Convenient Location, The Beautiful Campus, Creatural specimens and Hortus siccus


No.7 Donghua University i??a??a?Za��a��i?�

Known as the cradle for textile professionals in China, Donghua University adheres to her good school spirit of "strictness, diligence, concreteness and innovation" and fully implements her idea of "all-around development of students is the center of everything". She aims to educate talents of both ability and moral integrity with her excellent teaching and management. In recent years Donghua University has been deepening the new reform on the credit system. Based on the common sense education, she carries out "specialist education with broad coverage and flexibility" to all the students. Individual competence-based instruction has been made to those who have more capabilities. Students are satisfied with the new education mode for having met their needs for individual development and the need for training of versatile talents.

In the past few years, students of Donghua have won a lot of high-grade awards and prizes in such national and international competitions as International Collegiate Programming Contest, American Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), "Challenge Cup Chinese Collegiate Business Plan Competition", National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and CCTV Cup National Model Contest. The graduates are in great demand in the job market. The employment rate for postgraduate students has reached 100% for six successive years. In 2003 and 2004, the employment rates for graduates were 97.07% and 98.30% respectively, while the rates for graduates from the vocational college reached 97.90% and 98.80% separately.


No.8 Nankai University  i??a?�a?�a��a��i?�

Nankai University was founded in 1919 as the first private university in modern Chinese history by two renowned educators, Mr. Zhang Bo-ling and Mr. Yan Xiu. First Premier of new China, Zhou En-lai is among the earliest Nankai students

Located in the city of Tianjin, the most active economic center in northern China, just 30 minutes away from Beijing which is the capital city of China by high-speed train. Nankai is committed to becoming the "Stanford University" of the Binhai Development Zone, North China's new economic center.

"Chasing the Ivy League": Science magazine publishes a special feature on Nankai's innovation and development. The College of Chinese Language and Culture is one of the eight national bases named by Chinese MOE for teaching foreign students the Chinese language.


No.9 Shenzhen University  i???��a??a��a��i?�

Shenzhen itself is a symbol of China’s economic miracle. It is near Hong Kong. 30 years ago, from a small fishing village developed into more than 10 million people in the city, is now one of the economic centers of southern china. Those who want to engage in trade with the Chinese mostly will take a look at Shenzhen. Although Shenzhen University is a young university, it is also the fastest-growing university in China. If you’re going to compare China’s economic development to Shenzhen speed, then Shenzhen University is proof of how fast it has become one of China’s best universities. People interested in doing business in China must consider this university. This is the only university in China that has a Golf management course.


No.10 Nanjing Normal University i??a?�a?�a??e??a��a��i?�

The history of Nanjing Normal University can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal School established in 1902. With more than 100 years development, Nanjing Normal University now is a key university of Jiangsu Province and one of the 211 project institutions. The university is among the first that were authorized to be open to the world and is also the National Base for Teaching Chinese for Foreigners. And, The University claims three separate campuses, namely the Xianlin, and it is well known as "The Most Beautiful Campus in the East".