We know there are many students who want to apply for MBBS program at Fudan University. We contact the univeristy and enqiry for the timetable for 2013 Autumn Intake. Now we get the feedback an the timetable as below:

Entry Examination: May 4th and 5th 2013
Interview: May 25th 2013
Date of application result: In the middele of June 2013.

The admission letter & JW202 Form will be delivered to the successful students in the end of June 2013.

Application Materials for Fudan MBBS:

1. Application From with the applicant's signature
2. Finished self-test exam papers
3. Diploma of final education or Graduating Certificate (graduating applicants)(original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)
4. Transcripts of final education (original or notarized version, in notarized Chinese or English translation)
5. Cerfified copy of TOEFL score 90 or above or IELTS score 6.5 pr above (only for studetns from non-English speaking countries).
6. Photocopy of valid passport. Applicants may send additional documents which can prove their comprehensive ability along with the required documents, for example, awardin certificate, admission notice of other university and so on. Additional application documents may be required when necessary.

Note: An interview will be scheduled. The applicants will be informed about the exact date and time of the interview. Applicants in Shanghai will have a face-to-facinterview while other applicants will take the interview via Skype.