On July 17th, the Ministry of Education of ChinaA�releases the No.[2013]1095 file. According to international students size, structure, development speed and other indicators, the MOE releases the first batch of demonstration bases as follows:

Universities Directly Affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China

1.A�Peking University

2.A�Tsinghua University

3.A�Beijing Language and Culture University

4.A�University of Science and Technology Beijing

5.A�Beijing University of Chinese MedicineA�[English Teacher Training Centre (TCM)]
6.A�Nankai University

7.A�Fudan University

8.A�Shanghai Jiao Tong University

9.A�Tongji UniversityA�

10.A�Nanjing University

11.A�Southeast University

12.A�Zhejiang University

13.A�Xiamen University

14.A�Shandong University

15.A�Huazhong University of Science and Technology

16.A�Central China Normal University

17.A�South China University of Technology

18.A�Chongqing University

19.A�Xi’an Jiaotong University

20.A�Xidian UniversityA�(national education system reform project units)

21.A�Harbin Institute of TechnologyA�(national education system reform project units)

22.A�MinZu University of China

Universities under the administration of Municipal Government

1.A�Chongqing Medical University

2.A�Dalian Medical University

3.A�Fujian Normal University

4.A�Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

5.A�Guangxi Normal University

6.A�Heilongjiang University

7.A�Hunan Normal University

8.A�Inner Mongolia University

9.A�Shanghai University

10.A�Capital Normal University

11.A�Tianjin Normal University

12.A�Tianjin Medical University
[English Teacher Training Centre (Western medicine)]

13.A�Xinjiang Normal University

14.A�Yunnan Normal University

15.A�Zhengzhou University

16.A�China Academy of Art


These universities are good at international students education, this list would help you to choose the right school.