On July 17th, the Ministry of Education of China releases the No.[2013]1095 file. According to international students size, structure, development speed and other indicators, the MOE releases the first batch of demonstration bases as follows:

Universities Directly Affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China

1. Peking University

2. Tsinghua University

3. Beijing Language and Culture University

4. University of Science and Technology Beijing

5. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine [English Teacher Training Centre (TCM)]
6. Nankai University

7. Fudan University

8. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

9. Tongji University 

10. Nanjing University

11. Southeast University

12. Zhejiang University

13. Xiamen University

14. Shandong University

15. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

16. Central China Normal University

17. South China University of Technology

18. Chongqing University

19. Xi’an Jiaotong University

20. Xidian University (national education system reform project units)

21. Harbin Institute of Technology (national education system reform project units)

22. MinZu University of China

Universities under the administration of Municipal Government

1. Chongqing Medical University

2. Dalian Medical University

3. Fujian Normal University

4. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

5. Guangxi Normal University

6. Heilongjiang University

7. Hunan Normal University

8. Inner Mongolia University

9. Shanghai University

10. Capital Normal University

11. Tianjin Normal University

12. Tianjin Medical University
[English Teacher Training Centre (Western medicine)]

13. Xinjiang Normal University

14. Yunnan Normal University

15. Zhengzhou University

16. China Academy of Art


These universities are good at international students education, this list would help you to choose the right school.