Shidu Scenic AreaA�is located in Shidu Town ofA�Fangshan District, about 100km southwest of downtown Beijing.A�Shidu Scenic areaA�mainly refers to the Juma River cutting through the north of Taihang Moutains with a length of 20km. There used to be 10 ferries along the Juma River, hence the name a�?Shidua�? which literally means a�?10 ferriesa�?.

Actually Shidu has totally 18 ferries though it is called a�?10 Ferries (Shidu). Today the 10 ferries no longer exist, but the name of Shidu is still in use. Shidu Scenic Area is dubbed as a�?Little Guilina�? for its beautiful water and mountains. The view of each Du (Ferry) has its own characteristics. Among the 10 Ferries (Shidu), Ferry No.03, No.06, No.07 and No.09 are the most beautiful.

When will go

On Saturday, 5/17/2014.

What will do

  1. DriftingA� Juma river(?��e��???) is the soul of Shidu Scenic Area. When you drift in Juma river, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the both sides, at the same time you can experience the thrilling river and exciting water wars.
  2. Sightseeing in DonghugangA� Donghugang , located in Ferry 15, is one of the most popular scenic spots in Shidu. Boasting Triple falls, Daughter spring, Lovera��s village, Xiuru peak and the highest mountain in Shidu, Donghugang is honored as oxygen bar.
  3. Bamboo raftingA� Bamboo rafting is really a Chinese characteristic entertainment in south China which you can hardly find in the north. Shidu provides you this rare and interesting bamboo rafting. Ia��m sure youa��ll really enjoy it a lot.
  4. Self-serviced barbecue A�In this trip, you will enjoy a big, unlimited self-serviced barbecue. Gigot, Rainbow trout(a kind of famous local fish), Bone and Chicken String, Chicken wing, Pork, Beef, Lamb shashliks, all kinds of vegetables, Cola, Minute Maid, Sprite, Black tea, Green tea and beer are all unlimited.

Your companions

Lots of experienced and professional Chinese teachers who are happy to share with you many Chinese traditional and temporary stories will be your companions. Many other foreigners working or studying in Beijing will go on the journey with you too.


You may be wondering whether such a wonderful trip is very expensive.

It is only 250CNY/person.

This fee includes all the entrance tickets, the barbecue, all the entertainments and the transportation back and forth.
There is almost no other expenditure in this trip.

If you are interested in this trip or want to know more about this trip, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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