On August 30th and 31st, Peking UniversityA�welcomed 1,548A�overseas students from over 90 countries for the 2013 fall semester. Freshly enrolled students registered at Zhongguanyuan Global Village of Peking University.A�

Among the new comers, there are 761 degree program students and 473 non-degree program students, as well as 164 pre-university program students and 150 for short-term programs. The studentsA�were received by 30A�schools and departments, of which the School of International Studies, Guanghua School of Management, School of Chinese Language, School of Government and Law SchoolA�were the most popular. In the coming semester, Peking UniversityA�will host a total of 3,500 international studentsA�in campus.

In the following month, the new students will participate in orientation activities, lecture on Chinese laws and regulations and visit to scenic spots in Beijing. The Office of International Relations will organize these activities to help the students adapt to local culture and campus environment.

These years Peking University has been establishing more programs taught in English to attract overseas students, especially those majoring in natural sciences. This year, twelve doctoral candidates enrolled in the natural science sectors.

This year, thereA�were more students supported by Confucius Institute scholarship programs than any year before. Peking University received altogether 150 applications for these programs in 2013 and 51 of them from over 20 countries were admitted,A�rising 40%A�compared withA�the previous year. In particular, the newly-established Confucius China Study Plan aided seven students for the first time. The Confucius China Study Plan was created by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. The majority of funds will be used to support specific research and other projects on designated academic areas of humanities and social science.A�

A�AboutA�Peking University

Peking University (PKU) has the longest history of any university in China and an outstanding reputation at home and abroad. It is currently home to 5000 international students from about 80 countries and provides many English-medium programs, including several double degree programs and programs run in cooperation with major universities around the world. Online applications for the No. 1 university in China are now open.

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