June 2013, Communication University of China (CUC) opened a new accommodation for international students. The Building No.37 is a cheaper but comfortable accommodation for international students. Many new international students like Building No.37 very much because of the good facilities though they have to share public bathroom, public kitchen and laundry room. The room rate is very cheap: RMB40 for double room while RMB80 for single room.


Accommodation Rate in Communication University of China (CUC):


Dormitory Room Type Rate Facilities
International Center With balcony Double room RMB 50/person/day Private Bathroom, Public Kitchen and Laundry Room
Single room RMB 100/person/day
Without balcony Double room RMB 45/person/day
Single room RMB 90/person/day
Building No.37 Without Balcony Double Room RMB 40/Person/day Public Bathroom, Public Kitchen and Laundry Room
Single Room RMB 80/Person/day
If you apply Communication University of China through CUCAS, you can get our free accommodation booking service after you get admission.


If you have any questions? Please email us at: service@cucas.cn