These programs will accomplish the 2013 enrollment on July 31st. If you are interested in these programs, you should apply as soon as possible.

MBBS Programs taught in English

Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English)

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery)

MORE 2013 MBBS programs you can still apply>>


Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Programs taught in English

Telecommunications Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

A�Mechanical Engineering

A�Software Engineering and Management


Finance and Economics Bachelor’s Degree Programs taught in English

BSc in International Business Management

Bachelor of International Business

International Business

International Hotel Management

International Finance

International Business

International Marketing

Chinese Business Studies


Master’s Degree Programs taught in English

MSc in International Business Management

MSc in International Economics and Trade

Electrical and Computer Engineering (2-year English program)

Earth Probe and Information Technology

Mineral Reconnaissance and Exploration Applied Geophysics

Chemical Engineering

Mechanical Manufacture and Automation (in English)

Environmental Science and Engineering

International MBA (Autum Semester)

Clinic Medicine of Integration of T.C.M & W.M (in English)


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