On September 18, 2014, the CEO ofA�Shuoba!A�visited CUCAS to improve further cooperation between Shuoba! and CUCAS.

Shuoba! hasA�great Chinese coursesA�for internationalA�students who want to learn Chinese in China, the CEO ofA�Shuoba! Mr XUEA�told CUCAS team that they have built more class rooms and set up more flexible Chinese programs such asA�Living in ChinaA�andA�Internship in ChinaA�to create more opportunities for students to learn Chinese well in a short time.

After CEO XUE was toldA�CUCAS’ future plan about introducing private schools to more interested students in a much better way, he also expressed that Shuoba! would like to do more communications with CUCAS to develop further cooperation and let more international students who want to study Chinese in China knowA�Shuoba! better.



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