Since September 2013, Beijing Language and Culture University, China's best language univesity, will launch the new program. The Business Chinese Program is aiming to not only improve our students' language skills, but also provides them with an access to have a better knowledge of the information on China’s contemporary economy, business and trade, including their corresponding status quo by offering some relevant courses, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of our students’ future studies and careers.

Curriculum and teaching hours

(1) Curriculum:
As the compulsory courses, Business Chinese, Spoken Business Chinese and Business Chinese Writing are targeting at training our students’ comprehensive ability of utilizing Chinese during business activities.
As the optional courses, Business Case Analysis, Economic Journalistic Reading and News Listening are aiming at improving our students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by putting more emphasis on practice. Chinese National Conditions(Economic), Chinese National Conditions(Social), Chinese Human Geography and Chinese Culture are dedicated to introduce our students to the overview of the contemporary China.
(2) Teaching hours per week:
Compulsory Courses: Business Chinese (6 hours per week), Spoken Business Chinese (4 hours per week), Business Chinese Writing (2 hours per week)
Optional Courses: Business Case Analysis (4 hours per week), Economic Journalistic Reading (2 hours per week), News Listening (2 hours per week), Chinese National Conditions(Economic)(2 hours per week), Chinese National Conditions(Social)(2 hours per week), Chinese Human Geography (2 hours per week), Chinese Culture (2 hours per week)


Students will be granted the Business Chinese Certificate with the following requirements:
A  Passing all the compulsory courses
B  Obtaining at least 4 credits for optional courses (4 hours per week)
P.S: Students who do not meet the above requirements are available to get certifications for studying at The College of Advanced Chinese Training

The Program detail you can check through:

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