My Study and Life Experience in China’s University

ByA�Bronson Lubilo

First and foremost,I would like to introduce myself. Am Bronson Lubilo from Zambia, central Africa aged 35 .Am Employed as a Government officer under the Ministry of Home affairs, Lusaka the capital city of Zambia.Am in the department of information technology with a Diploma (2) two in computer systems Engineering and hardware maintenance under ABMA London, UK.

Being under the department of Information Technology, I have an opportunity to interact with people in command.

I had always in mind to go China to further my Studies in computer science or Information Technology but I had no proper information on how to make an application not until one good Friday when my boss at work congratulated me for being selected by the High Command to go to south East University in Nanjing, China for senior African countries computer managerial training programme sponsored by the peoplea��s republic of China. I was further told to go to Chinese embassy to get the forms for the Visa and School application forms to enable me travel to China. I was very happy and felt blessed because my dreams came true to travel to China.

After having completed and filled the necessary documents, I submitted them to the Chinese embassy and later obtained the visa and a round trip air ticket was sent to me. My heart was very happy because it was the first time for me to have travelled such a long distance. The programme was scheduled for July, 2009 to Agust, 2009.

As we destined to Nanjing, we passed through Beijing and we slept one night. We reached South East University .we were given a thunderous welcome by the University Representative .we were taken to Ramada plaza Hotel where we enjoyed the stay throughout the period we were in china.

During our stay we enjoyed the hospitality, Chinese food and other good facilities.

I personally liked the Chinese teaching standards and Chinese culture. Teachers were always on time and very friendly. Site visiting was part of our programme and we visited lots of sites. China is very beautiful .It is heaven on the Earth. Chinese people are very lovely and friendly.

After having finished the programme, we were all given certificates and we returned back to our various countries. I reported back to my boss and my boss was very happy seeing me successfully finished the programme. This was my first experience to travel to china.

While in china, my Chinese teacher advised me if I wanted to go back to continue studying, I had toA�first study Chinese language in order to make it easier for me communicating with Chinese people and learn their culture.

In 2011, started learning Chinese language at Zambia Chinese International School in Zambia. I learned for eight months and obtained a certificate.In order to improve my Chinese spoken, IA�planned to go to china to further my Chinese language to enable me pursue my computer systems engineering course in china.

I applied to Honghe University in Yunnan Province, Southern China online and I was able to communicate with the school staff through Email. The application process went well without facing any problem but being on self sponsorship, money was a big challenge to me because after they accepted me to learn Chinese language for one year from 2012 to 2013, and I was required to pay half of the amount for one year. I did pay the required amount and the JW 202 form together with the acceptance letter was sent to me through DHL. The documents that were required for obtaining travelling visa were all received and presented to the Chinese Embassy .Within five days the travelling Visa was out. I was very happy and my mind was ready to go toChina. As I was preparing to make a move, I was also updating the school staffs on the position of every arrangement to travel. I used South African airline from Zambia to Hong Kong and then From Hong Kong to Kunming I usedA�Dragon Airline. All Chinese airports I passed through are well developed and services are good. At Kunming airport I was received by a person assigned by the school management team. I spent a night in Kunming at a certain Hotel. I enjoyed the services in the Hotel .In the morning I continued my journey up to Honghe University. The journey from Kunming to Honghe University took me about four to five hours to reach the University.

At the University, I was given a warm welcome .I was also given dormitory where .The school helped me to process the studying Visa and the medication.

I started learning Chinese language .The teaching standard was good .Teachers were very friendly and lovely. They know how to encourage students to study hard and research. Before Exams, I used to study on my own, sometimes I used to go to the library, group studying with Chinese friends and sometimes with other school mates. This method was very helpful because day by day I usedA�improve my Chinese spoken, Grammar and written. The School is also provided with internetA�facilities and medication centres. Transport is very convenient to whatever place that you want to go to. I managed to pass HSK level three before coming back to Zambia. In my class were Americans, Vietnamese and other Africans. I enjoyed learning with other students. The school has lots of infrastructures like Teaching building, Music building, dining hall, Administration building, dormitories, swimming fool, Gym building, libraries, basketball pitch, football ground and all sorts of sport activies.During my days at school, I used to go for sports .My favourite sport was gym, swimming and running. Every morning I used to accompany my Chinese friends to the footballA�ground running. During weekends I used go out to see nice places. Whichever place I went, I found that Chinese people were all good and they liked making friends with foreigners. I exchanged phone numbers with a lot of people and up to now am still communicating with them.

School life was very cheap because as students we used meal cards to buy food at the dining hall. Food that was sold from school was much cheaper than that sold from school nearby restaurants. This way, I was saving money. I liked Chinese food more than Zambian food like Nshima.

Before I went to china, I used to hear stories about Chinese people eating snakes and Dogs. As I went to china, I found that not everyone eats Dogs and snakes. Not every place you can find this kind of a meat.

I like the Chinese culture especially the one they refer as protecting the face which borders on so many issues in their culture. Sometimes I used to go to countryside to see Chinese farmers. Chinese people are hardworking. I could see with my own eyes the way they work. If you want to be a friend of a Chinese person, be honest, Hardworking and lovely. I remember there was one time I was travelling from Kunming to Guangzhou to visit a friend. In the train I was the only black person. The people I was seated with on the seat were very generous .They were very happy to see a black person speaking Chinese language and all the way from Kunming to Guangzhou I felt at home. Each time I wanted to buy food, they could not allow me buying food but instead they were buy food for me. I was told china has about fifty six minorities. I met so many minorities both Northerners and southerners but I observed some good characteristics among the Chinese people .They are all friendly, lovely and they want to make friends with foreigners.

Chinese local students have good manners and respect for foreign students. I stayed at Honghe University for one year but I never received any criticism or racism attack. All what I would hear from them was wanting to know about Africa, my culture and the climate in Zambia. Every time I was with Chinese friends they used to encourage me to study hard and always saying at home we depend on parents and outside we depend on friends. Little did I know they were also encouraging me about giving and helping one another as students. Lots of Chinese students used to invite me to go to theirA�home towns during school holidays. Sometimes during the school holidays, I was just at school studying together with foreign students from America, Vietnam and china. They school never became so quiet and boring during holidays because there used be the in service teachers and other Government workers who used to come for studies.

Communication is very convenient at Honghe University because of the internet facilities provided. I was introduced to a social network knows as QQ which helped me also to improve my Chinese language as result of chatting with lots of friends on the net. Internet facilities at school were also very helpful in terms of research and online shopping.

Some student s were given an opportunity to rent houses near the school as long as the school management was aware. The school advised all students to observe school regulations .By 23.00hours all students who were on compass were supposed to be at school by that time.

The school has two big dining halls which sells wide range of foods. They were Chinese foods, west foods and Muslim foods. The only food I could not see is African traditional food like Nshima which is common in Zambia. The modern Technology applied in the Dining hall is very good because when students are using meal cards to buying food, this makes it very easy to feed a big number of students during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whenever I wanted to eat Zambian people, I had to cook for myself. I also taught some Chinese friends on how to cook Zambian food.

Every weekend the school had activities like dancing, football and swimming competition.

The administration building is very big. Whenever I had a problem, I used to go there for help.

The dormitories are very big each room has four to six students sleeping in, the toilets are very clean. Washing machines are also provided. Making noise or play loud music was not allowed because you could disturb other seriously studying students.This was to the advantage of every student.

After I have successfully finished one year language programme, I thought of continuing studying in China. Through the help of internet provided at our school, I was able to contact CUCAS to find out about studying in china.CUSAS through their website, I was able to get the full information concerning scholarship and wide range of schools within china where a foreign student can apply for any course.

Through CUCAS Online application system, I was able to apply to CHONGING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOMUNICATIONS to pursue electronic information engineering course that was supposed to start on September,2013. Through CUCAS online application system, I found it very easy to send my application requirements to CHONGING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOMUNICATIONS.CUSAS is very wonderful because people involved in the application system are very fast in terms of giving updates to the students.CUSAS website has also let other studentsA�from Zambia and the whole world know on how to apply to so many Chinese Universities in china.

After having done all the necessary requirements, through the CUCAS online system I was able to receive the notification about my acceptance.

When I got back to Zambia, it never took time to receive the whole package required to get to the University by DHL.

Being a civil servant, I had to apply for study leave which the longest is four years. It was unfortunately that I did not have enough money to travel because I had just finished my language programme on self sponsorship .I notified CUSAS for the same problem and I was told to reapply on later dates next year 2014.

I am now looking forward to get more information through CUSAS about studying in china on scholarship because I dona��t have enough money to continue studying in China.

I hope and trust that one day my dreams will come true by being awarded with scholarship.

With these few words, I would like salute you all for involving me in this assay writing activity.

Thanks very much.






Author Details:

Name:A�Bronson Lubilo

Nationality: Zambia

University: Honghe University