Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province in central China, is situated on Jianghan Plain. It has both an ancient history and a thriving present.

Tianhe International Airport is about 25km (16 miles) to the city center. It has 3 terminals: T1, T2 and the New Terminal. All the international flights are in operation in the new terminal. Airport shuttle buses leave for the city following flight arrivals. From the airport to Hankou, the bus will charge ¥17 per person, and ¥32 per person for Wuchang; a taxi ride to the city area is about ¥80-120.
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The main public transportations in Wuhan are Wuhan subway, city bus and taxi.
Wuhan subway is scheduled to have 12 urban lines and 13 suburban lines. Currently, line 1 and phase 1 of line 2 have been in service. The operation time of both line 1 and 2 is 06:00-22:00 on workdays and 06:30-22:00 on weekends and holidays. It costs ¥ 1.5 to take the subway for 1-6 stops, ¥2 for 7-9 stops, ¥2.5 for 10-12 stops, ¥3 for 13-15 stops, ¥3.5 for 16-20 stops and ¥4 for 21-25 stops.

In Wuhan, the buses are divided into the common buses and the Special-Route Buses, some of which are trolley buses. Besides, there are also urban Tour Buses, urban View Buses along river, suburban Tour Buses, etc., which are very practical and convenient for the tourists. The common bus charges ¥1 or ¥1.2, adopting self-service ticketing, but the special-route bus charge more than the common bus.

If you travel in Wuhan, taxi is a necessary tool. The taxi fare is charged according to the following standard:
Charge ¥3 within 1 kilometer
Charge ¥4 within 1-1.5 kilometers
Charge ¥5 within 1.5-2 kilometers
Charge ¥1 for each 330-meter drive within 2-3 kilometers based on the above charge ¥5
Charge ¥1.4 per kilometer within 3-7 kilometers based on the above charge
Charge ¥2.1 per kilometer above 7 kilometers on the base of the above charge