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Beijing Normal UniversityA�is located in central Beijing, so transportation isA�convenient.

Go to BNU from the airport

1. Free airport pick-up Service

In the new semester, BNU staff will go to the airport to pick up BNU students. You have to book this service on BNU website a month before. You have to show them your admission letter. The service hour is from 8a.m to 8p.m.

2. Take a Taxi

If you miss the free airport pick up service. You can take a taxi to go to BNU. The cost is about 90 Yuan. Please exchange some money at the airport first.

Take the taxi at the taxi waiting area, when you get off, remember to take the receipt.

3. CUCAS airport pick up service

staff will meet you at the arrival area of Airport, holding a sign with YOUR NAME and the CUCAS LOGO. Additionally, we have register service for Beijing students. All you have to do is to book flights and let us know your itinerary. Learn more about CUCAS pick up service>>

BUS around BNU

East Gate: Tieshizifen Station(e�?c��a�?a?Y)

These buses passing by this station: No.A�16,22,47,88,92,304,331,345,510,579,609,618,620,635,881,883,889,Y104.

South Gate:A�BNU Station(a?�a?�a??e??a��a��)


These buses passing by this station: No.16,22,47,88,92,304,344,345,508,510,579,609,618,620,881,883,889,Y104.

North Gate: Beitaipingzhuang Station(a?�a�?a??a?�)

This station is a nexus onA�the North 3rd Ring Road, so there is a large range of busA�numbers.

Use the A�Beijing Transportation Smart CardA�will get 60% discount.A�The nearest place to buy this card is Beitaipingzhuang sales location (west of Yuanwanglou Hotel). Price: 50 yuan (including a 20 yuan deposit) Office hours: 07:00-19:00

Subway around BNU

There are 3 subway station near BNU.

Line 2 Jishuitan subway station(c�??�???�) is the nearest subway station. It is about 1.5 km on the south of the university. You can take busA�344,889,883,881,345 from to go to the subway station.


Line 10 Mudanyuan subway station(c�?a??a��) is about 1.7 km on the north of the university.

Line 13 Dazhongsi subway station(a��e�Ya??) is about 2.2 km on the west of the university.

It cost 2 Yuan to take the subway in Beijing.A�Learn more about Beijing subway>>

Go around in Beijing

BNU is in theA�city town, you can take taxi to go around. It won’t cost a lot. You can also take bus or subway, it is cheaper andA�convenient.

You can take the Line 10 subway to go to Sanlitun(a?�e�?a�?). Get off at Tuanjiehu(a�?c��??�)station. It is a fashion distinct for foreign people. You can make new friend, go shopping and have delicious food there.

You can take the Line 13 subway to go to Wudaokou(a?�e?�a??). Get off at Wudaokou subway station. This distinct has many universities and many foreign students. The things here are cheaper than Sanlitun.

Take Line 2 to Yonghegong lama temple station(e�?a�?a��). You will find many hutong here, and you can find a lot of bars and little shops here.

If you want to go to otherA�attractionsA�in Beijing, you can both take subway and the bus. Famous places most have a bus station or near to a subway station.