International students will study at the main campus of Beijing Jiaotong University, so this article will introduce you the transportation around the main campus.

Go to BJTU from the airport

1. BJTU Airport pick-up service

 BJTU will offer the airport pick-up service for the freshmen who arrive at Beijing on the registration day during the work time. Students need the service should e-mail BJTU the accurate arrival information to the email address: in advance.
2. Take a taxi

We suggest you take a taxi to the campus, please show this address in Chinese to the driver: 北京海淀区西直门外上园村3号北京交通大学

Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) is located at the northwest corner of the 2nd Ring Road of Beijing. It is about 35 km form the airport. It will cost about 100 Yuan. You’d better exchange some Chinese money at the airport.
Do not forget to ask for the printed receipts (发fā 票piào) of taxi fare and the receipt for expressway toll.
3. CUCAS airport pick up service

staff will meet you at the arrival area of Airport, holding a sign with YOUR NAME and the CUCAS LOGO. Additionally, we have register service for Beijing students. All you have to do is to book flights and let us know your itinerary. Learn more about CUCAS pick up service>>

BUS around BJTU

East BJTU Stop: (北京交大东门) east gate of the main campus

BUS: No. 438,651

BJTU Stop: (北京交通大学)on the southwestern of the main campus, near the south gate.

BUS: 16,26,Yuntong103, Yuntong105

Subway around BJTU


The nearest subway station is Xizhimen subway station. It is a transfer station, you can take Line 2, Line 4 and Line 13 in this station.

It is about 2 km away from the campus, you can take Bus 16,26, Yuntong103, Yuntong105 at the BJTU Stop to go to the Xizhimen station.

Xizhimen station is a very big station, follow the sign in the subway so that you won’t go to the wrong way.

The Beijing North Train Station is near Xizhimen subway station, you can go to the great wall by train here.

Go around in Beijing

BJTU is in the city town, you can take taxi to go around. It won’t cost a lot. You can also take bus or subway, it is cheaper and convenient.

You can take the Line 13 and then transfer Line 10 to go to Sanlitun(三里屯). Get off at Tuanjiehu(团结湖)station. It is a fashion distinct for foreign people. You can make new friend, go shopping and have delicious food there.

You can take the Line 13 subway to go to Wudaokou(五道口). Get off at Wudaokou subway station. This distinct has many universities and many foreign students. The things here are cheaper than Sanlitun.

Take Line 2 to Yonghegong lama temple station(雍和宫). You will find many hutong here, and you can find a lot of bars and little shops here.

Beijing zoo is very near the BJTU, you can take bus Yuntong 105 to there, about 30 minutes.

If you want to go to other attractions in Beijing, you can both take subway and the bus. Famous places most have a bus station or near to a subway station.