Coming from London stepping into china for the first time in August 2012 was tremendously exciting. Having had some Chinese friends in my former University in London contributed to the want I had to come to china. Originating from a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean stepping into a country with a hundred times more people than my country undoubtedly brought the aspect of discovery and adventure to me.

About Zhejiang University

China is a massive country with literally unlimited manpower. This is the first impression I had of China. Life happens at a fast pace in china. The size of the University Campus of Zhejiang University, also nicknamed as Cambridge of the East, clearly demonstrates these facts. With nearly forty thousand students on the campus, which is like a little village on its own this university is more than a dream for anyone coming from the United Kingdom. Studying in China is spellbinding. Students usually have lectures from morning to night with merely a few breaks in between and up to six to seven days a week. Most interestingly is the fact that holidays are not actually holidays in china as any class not delivered on a holiday is rescheduled. This depicts the hardworking attitude of the people in China.

Value for money

‘Value for money’; this is the statement one can put forward when thinking of Studying in China. The tuition fees of Chinese Universities are relatively lower that those in Europe for example. The cost of living is way more affordable
than in Mauritius, London or other countries in Europe. This is the ideal cost of living a student would dream of. The cost of the University dormitories is less than a thousand British Pounds per year per student. Currently studying at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, I can certainly say that this is the place to be if one is looking for an affordable university with a very good environment. The University campus comprises innumerous, amazingly designed buildings and also one of the biggest library in Asia.

Lab in Zhejiang University

Being a medical student, of experience I certainly would point that the laboratory equipment placed at the disposal of students are exceedingly more than required. A good example of this is the availability of one microscope per Medical university students in most of the laboratory classes; something that is relatively hard to get in any European countries’ university. Doing my second Medical degree at Zhejiang University I would mention that the facilities available for medical students are ever satisfying. The anatomy classes are fabulous considering the availability of cadavers for dissection practice.

Challenge in China

All is not well in China. Language barrier is one of the biggest challenges one would have to face when first stepping into China. Not knowing Mandarin prior to my arrival to china was hard, as most of the people do not understand English language. Yet, one can easily pick up Chinese language. From my experience within less than two months in china with the Mandarin courses delivered at university as part of the course, one could easily manage with surviving with the basics of the language. Having spent more than a year in China now I can fully manage to speak mandarin and this is an advantage to foreigners as Mandarin can add up to the number of languages on one’s Curriculum Vitae. I would certainly recommend China to prospecting students as China comes a new evolving tertiary education hub for the world.

Written by P.A.KHADAROO, Mauritian student now studying MBBS in Zhejiang University