The student life is the most important period of our life. Our future hopes depend upon it. If we receive good training in our student life, we shall be good citizens in our future life. The life of university students is studies, hard work, discipline but it is also fun and the best part of onea��s life. It is very different from school life that is generally associated with a lot of studies, home work and examinations. Debates, quizzes, cultural programmes also add lustre to an otherwise dull life which is often restricted to studies. It is not that one does not enjoy studies but continuous studies of 5 hours can become a little difficult.

I am an international student studying medicines at Nanjing University.A� The ultimate aim of any student is to obtain the best possible degree at an affordable cost.A� I am very happy to study in Nanjing Medical University as I know it is one of the best universities in China and also one of the top universities in the world.A� I chose this university because the teaching medium is in English and the degree is recognized worldwide and also bearing in mind the cost of living expenses as compared to other universities. China is a safe place to study where there is law and order.A� Anyone can travel freely at any time.A� It is a developing country where students get all the necessary facilities like banking, traveling, internet, very good and clean environment and healthy food.A� Nanjing University is a renowned one as it has the best qualified teachers, very big libraries, the teaching building is well equipped, the dormitories are up to international standard and the restaurants are clean and tidy.A� The University also gives incentives to brilliant students every year by offering scholarships thus encouraging every student to perform better and become good and reliable doctors.A� Many students who have completed their MBBS in this specialized university easily get a good job in the market.

When I got my Higher School Certificate results from Cambridge University I had already in mind that I would become a doctor one day but I was confused in terms of where to study as I know that my parents could not afford the universities in UK so my option was limited.A� I started surfing on the internet to see the opportunities to study in China and eventually I came across Nanjing Medical University which was recruiting students for MBBS and as such there were seminars which were organized by representatives from this university in my country.A� I attended the seminar with my parents and tried to gather as much information on the university and we were provided with handbooks with instructions and full details from an agent representing the University.

I completed my application form, with all the required documents such as my academic transcript of education and handed to the agent which in turn sent to the university.A� After two weeks I received my Admission Letter that I was accepted.A� The agent asked me to start preparing myself to go to China.A� I had my passport ready, I went to the Chinese Embassy to get a student visa, I did my physical examination test and got my physical exams record, bought my ticket and proceeded to Nanjing.A� I did not get any difficulty in all these as I followed all the instructions given by the counselor.

I knew that from this point onwards my life would change in many aspects to what it was from college life. The main difference is the incredible increase in free time. In high school, every day was a constant grind and I never had any free time. At the university, it is different. Instead of classes six hours a day, followed by tuitions, university takes up mere three or four hours. I’m no longer forced to sit in the same building all day. This newfound time provides many luxuries that can easily be abused which can be productive or wasted.

My biggest fear was how to adjust to this new freedom. I knew living on my own meant my parents were not going to be breathing down my neck to do my work. They were not going to have me home at a certain hour. I was in complete control. These two aspects of being on my own were very exciting but I wondered how I would do without my parents holding my hand. Once things got rolling I realized I would be all right as long as I stayed motivated.

When I arrived at the University I was welcomed with a meeting with NMU with a welcome ceremony.A� I attended an orientation programme which was designed to introduce me to campus life, a formal academic induction and received my timetable with the modules for academic programmes.A� All the students did their registration like residential permit, medical, campus card, library card, banking, phones, accommodation, visa application briefing and the university rules and regulations. I paid my fees and my accommodation.

Students can chose two accommodation options which include both on-campus and off-campus building.A� I lived in the campus in my first year as it was convenient and later I chose to live off campus as there were a few annoyances.A� There are the advantages and disadvantages to staying on campus.A� Renting a flat is expensive because of extra expenses unlike the dorm. In winter especially we need to be very committed to attend classes.A� So staying in dorm is close to class with less responsibility.A� There were a limited number of single rooms with the majority of accommodation available as twin rooms. There was no living area and there was only one kitchen with 2 refrigerators per floor for around 10 – 15 students. I had to share the kitchen with all the hall mates and needed to bring towels and other essential items with me to the bathroom.

The university campus offers a wide variety of options for socializing such as experiencing the arts of taking part in sports at the university large sports stadium.A� The students organize regular programmes of social activities designed to help experience Chinaa��s unique culture and surroundings and visiting places of interest. In order to enrich my experience I made new friends from across the world and join clubs.A� There is 24 hour access to medical care.A� There is not a night club in every street corner, but I certainly make up for it with cultural and social opportunities organized throughout the whole environment.A� The university library offers a wide range of services and resources and there is much more than meets the eye.

Student life is the best part of life and prepares a person to lead a successful life.A� When I came to China I knew almost nothing in Chinese language.A� I could say hello, goodbye, please, thank you and a few basic phrases but not much more.A� It is a problem faced by many international scholars but thanks to my Chinese language classes that were being taught that I am now quite fluent in Chinese language and I have already passed my HSK Level five.A� On the first day of class, I came up with learning priorities for the next two weeks.A� Those priorities came from a list of challenges which I had made myself and every week I chipped away at that list.A� Every day when I came home from class I did a lot of rehearsal by spelling and learning the words from my bill board.

I also had a few problems such as time management is the main difficulty experienced until now. There were many times this semester when I had to write a paper and heard my friends were going to a party. That always happened on days that I’d had time to get work done but wasted it instead. But gradually as the years passed by I learned to stay on top of things and not to get so caught up in the social atmosphere of university that you get behind in your studies whilst always remembering what you’re there for. There is nothing worse than approaching the end of a semester and realizing you have procrastinated so much you have an impossible mountain of work. No one needs that added stress.

My university offers scholarships every year to students who are brilliant in each subject and on overall performance.A� I was very impressed with all these incentives and I studied very hard to get some of these scholarships every year.A� I used my scholarship money to visit the beautiful places in China and also I did my winter and summer shopping through Taobao and saved some for other expenses like birthday gifts and parties.

In short, the student life is the best part of a man’s life. A studenta��s life is all about a lot of discipline, hard work punctuated by ecstatic moments of fun and enjoyment which increases after real hard work. I think this period of your life is most wonderful period a�� full of spontaneity, dreams and hope. At this time our main work is to read and play. We should not think of anything else. When we are students, we are free from cares and anxieties. Our heart is very soft. Our mind is very simple. We pass our time very happily. But if we do not perform our duty, we shall not be happy in future. Hence we must do our duty. We shall then be happy and prosperous in our future life.


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