Hi, I am yahya mohamed abdillahi from Somalia. Here I want to share with you my experience in China. First of all I got my application paper through CUCAS, really appreciated the effectiveness and hard working of CUCAS STUFF, they made everything easier. A�Now Ia��m in Guangxi Medical University (a??e??a?�c��a��a��) with the help of CUCAS STUFFa��

A great educational infrastructure in china cheap cost wise and highly reputed in technology, Engineering, Medicine wise, the availability of instruction in the English medium. There are advanced medical technology, multimedia classes, experienced teachers and stuff, well-developed labs and research institutes in China. So China is a good destination to study.

To study abroad is an amazing eye-opening experience, which I would recommend to everyone. Most partner universities have many other exchange students from all over the world, which are just as excited as you to discover their new environment. It does take some time to get used to a new culture and the way people live. You also have to get used to studying in a different university, with different rules, different ways of teaching and different subjects. If you are thinking of going to a non-English speaking country, I definitely want to advise to learn the language a bit so that you are able to communicate with people who do not speak any English.

My experience as an international student in China has showed me new ways of thinking, living and viewing the world. I have gotten to see and understand a new culture, which has made me more open minded and independent. It has also provided knowledge, friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Through my international experience, I have broadened my horizons, independency, intercultural competencies and flexibility. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn about other cultures, values and norms. I have learned to adapt quickly to new environments, different lifestyles.

The GXMU has clean and tidyA�environment. School has multimedia classes, very good dining halls, well furnished dorms.

In china as a international student you can save money , everything here is cheap specially inside the school campus you can get everything you may need ,such as , cheap dining hall , supermarket , cafeteria , shops , etc .

I think renting a house in China is quite easy, though I don’t have more experience in renting house in China because I live in school campus…..