Once you have an opportunity to be an international student ofA�China University of Political Science and Law (a?�a�??�???�a��a��),A�you absolutely do not need to worry about what and where to eat.A�On the contrary, you can have a lot of pefect choices even within the campus.

Now, with the map below, we can have a view at the campus to figure out the places with delicious food.On campus, there may be three main canteens: No.1 canteen, No.2 canteen, No.3 canteen.

In a nutshell, the basic dishes in these canteens would be sort of northern style. However, a number of sales windows with local flavors to satisfy the preferences of all the students in this university exist as well.A� Their locations and the foreign student dormitory are spotted in the map below.

>>> No.1 Canteen

This canteen is just opposite to the student apartment, Plum Garden. It has two floors and could be described as a mixed canteen. On the first floor, there are four windows offering northern food. However, on the upstairs, most of dishes are southern style.

ShuWeiXuan is highly recommended for you because the Sichuan food cooked here is really delicious and authentic.

View of No.1 Canteen

Food of No.1 Canteen

>>> No.2 Canteen

This canteen is not far away from No.1 canteen, which also has two floors, and it is the most popular canteen among people on campus. The secret of its success lies in its diversification. The five windows in the first floor of this canteen normally cater for Chinese students, thus, its dishes mainly include regional characteristic food of domestic provinces in China, like Hangzhou and Taiwan. Besides, there is a Muslim restaurant on the second floor. You can see many foreign students having meals here.

The Muslim restaurant in the second floor, No.2 canteen

Delicious Muslim Food

>>> No.3 Canteen

This cantten is relatively small with fewer choices but it can be quite convenient for you to get there because of the short distance.

>>> Personal tips for international students:

  • The price to have meal in No.1 canteen may be relatively cheaper than others, but this place would always look over-crowed so will somehow make you feel uncomfortable.
  • No.2 canteen is famous for its diversity of dishes, but the price here might not be that lovely. One thing needs to be mentioned and recommended is that the food with spicy favored by Muslims, such as the fired rice and beef with leeks, can be quite great. If you tend to have dinner here, it is necessary for you to come here fifteen minutes before classes over.