Online shopping is an easy and convenient way to buy things. It will save you time and money. When you study in China, you can try to buy things on China’s online website. I’ll tell you how to buy things online and give you the tips on getting big discount.

There are many online shopping websites in China. Taobao is the biggest website in China. You can buy almost everything on it. Taobao has 2 versions: is for little sellers who are retailers, while is for the famous brands or manufacturers.

 We recommend you go shopping on It is like its name, a mall,  Taobao will protect the rights of consumers.

At present, all of the online shopping websites are in Chinese language. But if you know the basic online shopping Chinese and have a Chinese address, you can also easily buy things online at a cheap price.

Step by Step, shopping online

1. Registration

You can find 免费注册 on the left top of the website. 免费注册 means register. Click it you can choose the English version to finish the registration.


免费注册 register, click to register



When you submit you will have to enter your cellphone number. They will send you the verification number to your phone and you enter it to finish the verification.

If you can’t get to the English version, you can learn these Chinese word

用户名 Username
密码 Password
确认密码 Confirm Password
验证码 Verification Code
电子邮箱 Email Address

After registration, you have to fill your basic information, such as name, address(地址), cellphone number(电话).


 2. Search

You can enter the brand or the thing to search. But you have to translate it to Chinese word first. Search:搜索.


3. Add to cart


加入购物车: Add to cart

立刻购买: Buy it now

结算: Buy all in the cart

4. Pay

After you choose the address which you can get the package and submit the order. You have to pay online. There are many ways to pay, such as use credit card, internet bank and alipay(more like Paypal).

In this step, the money is first paid to Taobao, when you get the package and confirm the order. Then the  money will send to the sellers. This will protect buyers from getting nothing and losing money.

Buyer pay to-> Taobao send order to->seller send the package to-> Buyer confirm the order-> Taobao send money to-> Seller

5. Get the package and confirm the order

There is a rule in Taobao, the seller must send the package within 72 hours, most of them will send the package in 24 hours. You will get the package in 1-7 days. It depend on distance between you and the seller.

6. Others

If there is anything wrong with the goods, contact the seller at the first time. You have the right to return the goods in 7 days if you haven’t used it.

Tips on big discount

In general, you will find discount on every holiday: both on Chinese traditional festivals and western holidays. The particular goods will have discount, such like Valentine’s day to buy the chocolate,  women’s day to buy the cosmetics.

Besides, Taobao has its own big discount. On November 11st, we called it “double 11″, most of the shops on have 50% off discount. On December 12nd, we called it “double 12″, most of the shops on have big discount.

Another big discount is from the  December to the Chinese spring festival. It is about 2 months, including Christmas day, New year’s day and the Chinese spring festival.

Other online shopping websites

1号店: to buy food and commodities

当当网: to buy books and CDs

京东: to buy digital products

QQ截图20131101095038: amazon Chinese version,  familiar pages, you can easily buying thing.