My impression aboutA�Harbin Institute of Technology has drastically changed over the past few months; I am not really sure whether it is from better to worse, I can say that it is a paradox! The cold weather has had a pitch on my simple life in the city that is located in the North-Eastern China.

Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT), a well-known university located in the capital city of Heilongjiang province is a power-house of knowledge. HIT is one of the best universities in China and has also been ranked among the best in the civil engineering globally; major feat since not all make it on this list.

I am passionate about the civil engineering field and I am so confident that I will fulfill my potential in this prestigious university. Jakarta(Indonesia), my birth and home place is a developing country and my aspiration is to improve the quality of life of all the Indonesians. I can achieve that milestone after successfully completing my undergraduate studies in civil engineering. The latter is one of my inspirations for having opted to pursue the degree in this state-of -art institute.

The beauty of studying in “HIT” is simply adorable since it is a place with a multicultural setting. I have had new wonderful and immense experiences in this multicultural setting. I have met new people from all over the world and proud to say that I have a lot of new foreigner friends from many different countries, such as Myanmar, Nepal, Uganda, Mongolia, Somalia, and so on. Furthermore, I have also learnt some other countries’ cultures. Although we are different in culture, principles, language, complexion or religion, we still respect each other.

I also had funny experience every time I encounter new people, they will speak Mandarin directly to me and I do not understand what they are trying to say to me because they think that I am Chinese and I haven’t grasped Mandarin well. To tell the truth, my nationality is Indonesian, on the other hand I am Chinese ethnic, so I look like an ordinary Chinese people here. Nevertheless, it is such a good advantage for me because I can practice my Mandarin proficiency by having conversation with them.

Beside my foreigner friends, I have also learnt how to live without my parents nearby my side. I have learnt how to become independent and manage my monthly money. When my parents were nearby my side, I had never tried to manage my own money, because I knew that when I didn’t have any more money, I would ask my parents to give me money. However now, I am far away from my parents; hold my purse strings tightly since I have a fixed budget.

After I spent almost one year in HIT, I have already developed a relevance with the people, the extreme weather, the food, the environment and I love all of them just as I admire the beauty of the morning sun set. The friendly aura is a welcome gesture for us and makes us feel at home. You can only feel it when you here.

At last, I will spend four years in this prestigious university; I intend to be hard working in order to bring joy to my parents, who mean the world to me. My objective is to graduate with good scores and have a good command in Chinese language. I hope my study in China has a good impact on my life and is worthwhile.

Write byA�Indra Putra Salim, Indonesian, English-taught civil engineering student