Who Am I


My name is Ahmed and I’m from Egypt. It was September 4th 2009 when my foot stepped China for the first time. I came here to get the master degree in medicine from Central South University in China.

It was in Guangzhou airport that I was supposed to take the next flight to Changsha. My heart was filled with different kinds of feelings between fear and hope. I was looking forward to being a good man in this country as a good representative of Egypt.

Smiling Faces

The first notice that everyone could see here when coming to China, is the smiling Chinese faces, which make you fall in love with at the first sight. You will see how these old people here always give you their great smiles and the sensation that you’re still at home with your family. I still remember one old man said to me that China and Egypt both share a long history. Upon hearing this I felt Chinese people are really great. They care and concern about the history and cherish their culture. When you feel that all the fears go forever, a new optimistic life will start from this point.


Kind-hearted People

I cannot forget my first hour here in China when I was stacked on the airport. I lost hope to reach my destination. Suddenly I saw a beautiful and kind Chinese face of a lady who offered help without even any hesitation. Besides she accompanied me to Changsha then to my dormitory. I entered my room where everything were well equipped and clean. The white bright color of the wall and the nice curtain attracted my eyes and made me feel comfort. Then nice hot bath and going to sleep was an amazing idea after a long and hard journey.

The next morning I opened my window and saw the Yuelu Mountain. How great it is! The first green mountain I’ve ever seen. So amazing, so attractive and full of the smell of history.

First Day on Campus

People here wake up early in the morning. They go to the wash room at 6 in the morning, trying to get ready to welcome the new day. After that, they go to class in groups. You can see the enthusiasm on their faces. Boys and girls are heading to the classroom carrying small things to eat and bottle full of morning drink which may be a green tea or soya bean drink. To be honest, you will know how to treat your body very well when you get closer to a Chinese. And you will know what is good for your health and what is not and how to keep your body healthy all the time. The first class starts at 8 am and finishes by 12 and then the lunch time starts till 2 p.m. The dining halls are really great with many kinds of styles ranging from western to Chinese styles and also cuisines. Everything is really clean and you will feel that you are hungry even if you are full.

The second class starts after the lunch and then we go back to the dormitory. Dinner usually starts at 6 p.m.

Sports in Chinese People’s Daily Life

On our campus, there is nothing but green areas and sports grounds–basketball, football, tennis and badminton yards and an Olympic swimming pool. People, here are excellent in playing badminton, and it is rare to find a Chinese guy who cannot play basketball. Day by day you can join them, and you will lose your weight and become healthier and stronger. All the fat will go, and the perfect body will be your gift because you follow the Chinese way in enjoying their lives. Don’t wonder if you saw a group of so old ladies dancing at any vacant place in a good order and physically fit more than you. You will like to see them, but you won’t be able to do like them.

The Chinese Culture

Really, this is a great country. The young people here are helping the old. You can see them at the main gate of the campus wearing red strips on their right arm and offering help to the old people for free. You will like to behave like them, and you will praise them if not by your words but at least by your eyes and a silent ”wow” will be sneaked from you.

The Chinese people are so good guy who stick to their family and work as a one unit, one group, with one goal and finally good amazing result in a short time.

The Chinese Foods

The Chinese foods are really greata��”mantou”, ”lamina”, ”jiaozi”, ”doufu”a�� and many many tons of great dishes, especially here in Changsha it is famous for spicy foods. The Chinese street foods are also great, where you can find different kinds of foods here. For me being aA�MuslimA�I ‘ve never faced any problem to findA�MuslimA�foods for wherever I go there is aA�MuslimA�restaurant and also at the street you can findA�MuslimA�people who sell mutton sticks on the street, which they call ”yangrouchuan”and if you areA�MuslimA�you will find these Chinese characters ”??�c?Y” written to inform you that this is aA�MuslimA�food.

Facilities in Our SchoolA�

Central South University offers good studying atmosphere for all the students. It provides well equipped classrooms and the great library. Of course, more important is that it has highly professional teachers under a supervision of specialized foreign students’ affair office, which always keeps helping us overseas students. They are kind and friendly. You can take them as your brother and sister and respectful teacher as well.

Great Opportunity to Make Friends (real life friends)

Here in China, especially when you are abroad, studying away from your family and friends make new feelings start. When you live with new guys sharing same apartment and staying in the same class, new sensation of accommodation and real love between you will evoke. You will share the moments of sorrow if any and the good time as well. Different cultures, different people, different languages but one goal. You will like that so much, and you will taste the sensation of friendship for the first time with this taste.

My Real Love

I won’t be shy if I say that I’ve found my whole life greatest love here in China. She is a great Chinese sweetie with fascinating voice, attractive eyes and great personality. She spreads happiness and charm, wherever she goes. I hope she will be mine one day. A�Hope my dream will come true one day.

My Trips in China

Really, China is one of the greatest places on the earth with amazing nature and many beautiful places. I went to Yueyang which has a famous tower. It is beautiful and you can smell the past in this place.

We had a lot of fun that day and we all agreed that in China you will never feel bored.


A great place, full of many amazing scenes and delicious foods. We all liked that journey so much. Guangzhou is a so modern a city that offers many options for foods and accommodations. I guess if someone stays there forever he won’t feel that he misses anything.


Chinese people say that, Guilin is the best place and well-known for ”??�?z�a��?�?c�?a��a?�”. I do think the river cruise I had in Li River made be believe it is the most beautiful place that my eyes had ever seen.


Fun and Good Moments

As long as you stay here in China you won’t stop having fun here and hanging out with guys either Chinese or others. Chinese people know how to make themselves happy and how to celebrate every moment. Welcome to be our friend and welcome to China.


Finally, I would like to say, ”Thank you, China. I love you”.