Write by HUYNH PHUOC THANG, from Vietnam, students ofA�Beijing Jiaotong University

The freshman year is a big turning point for undergraduates. Most of the students find it so hard to learn because of the language problems. When I finished my Chinese language classes and started the degree course, I also feel confused.

In general, most of the students in the Chinese taught course are Chinese students, so the teacher speak a little fast for foreign students. Sometimes, the teacher has a dialect, you can’t understand what he says. Each class has a lot of knowledge points, some are difficult to learn.

I will share you some study methods to conquer that:

1. Collect information about courses and teachers before you select courses.

You can ask the upperclassman or your Chinese classmate about it. In this way, you can get better understanding of what you will do in the future semester. Besides, you can choose the right teacher for you.

2. Choose the courses youA�reallyA�need.

Unless you want to graduate ahead of schedule, the courses you choose, including Chinese language course, are better not more than 32 credits. Before you choose the course, you have to know what is you really want, knowledge or credits? You should choose the courses you really like or the really useful. Some of my classmatesA�chooseA�a lot of courses, they are just busy on passing the exam, not acquiring knowledge. I don’t suggest you follow them.

3. Keep good relationship with your class

There are internships and LABS when you are in sophomore or junior year. The school often conveys these message to class, and then the class gives notice to every student. You should get friend with your classmates, so when there are some important information, they can tell you.

4. Try to keep the attendance

You’d better go to the classroom earlier so that you will get a front seat. If you get late, you may sit at the back of the classroom and can’t understand what the teacher says. I would like to remind you that sometimes the teacher will write cursive on the blackboard, this is kind of Chinese characters swiftly and with strokes flowing together. It is hard to understand for foreign students, you can ask your Chinese classmate. When you have some problems, you can ask teacher and classmates, they will kindly help you. My suggestion is think it byA�yourselfA�before ask it.

5. Preview

You should preview the textbook before class. I know none of our foreign students like to read the Chinese text books, but it is really important. You should have your own plan for each semester. You should know your own key courses and spend more time on it. Besides the textbook, you can also preview the teacher’s PPT. It is a brief of the textbook, you can easily handle it.

6. Insist on

In our life, everything is not easy at the veryA�beginningA� You will meet lots of problems during your undergraduate studies. You must have the confidence to conquer them. Learning is a very beautiful but also very tough road, only through its test can you see it real beauty.