Welcome to China University of Petroleum-Beijing (CUPB), a place might be described as scenery and would definitely be a perfect choice for you to stay to learn knowledge. This university is located in the downtown of Changping county, about 30 kilometers away from the main city zone of Beijing.

Firstly let’s have a look at the position of this university in Changping to make it fast for you to spot our campus.

Then we focus on the map of China University of Petroleum-Beijing showed below. Considering that it shall be a relatively huge area with so many buildings, here we just give you some brief introduction of the main buildings, which are the most relevant ones to the foreign students.

1. Overseas Student Dormitory

In order to make it more comfortable for overseas students, the dorms in this building all have equipped air-conditioner, TV, telephone and separate bathroom. Besides, in each floor there would be wash machine, but they are not free. And study room and playing room might be in the first floor where you can review lessons or do some exercise without leaving the apartment.

2. No.2 canteen

3. No.1 canteen

4. Heyuan canteen

These canteens mentioned here are the main campus canteens in China University of Petroleum-Beijing. Totally speaking, all of them are cheap and delicious, which will make them qualified to satisfy your appetite.

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5. Campus Hospital

Near the international student dormitory, there is a hospital. It has a comprehensive set of departments, such as department of surgery and dentistry, thus ordinary discomfort could be dealt with here. It might not be that big, but can be quite effective. Remember to bring your student card with you when going to see a doctor, this would make your identity eligible so that you can enjoy the benefit of medical insurance.

More details you can obtain form here >>>

6. Library

It is a six-floor construction and would be open for every day except for some public holidays. As the pride of China University of Petroleum-Beijing, it makes huge contributions to the students and teachers on campus. It collects a considerable number of books deserved reading, with the two general subjects of natural science and humanity. Besides, here you can refer almost all the literature involving petroleum industry, which would be useful to your professional learning.

  • Tips: you can do whatever you want, like borrowing or returning books on the
    internet with your student account.

7. Univ. of Administration Building

Leaders of China University of Petroleum-Beijing, including the principal, all work here to manage the university. They are quite approachable and considerate for students, so if you have any particular problem, you can ask them for help.

8. No.1 Teaching Building

9. No.2 Teaching Building

These two buildings are mainly used for postgraduate teaching. Almost all the postgraduate students chose to study here also after classes. Given that classrooms here may be a little tiny with relatively fewer seats, if you plan to study here, you’d better occupy a seat in advance.

10. Chemical Building

It is an old building. All the faculty and postgraduate students who major in Chemical Engineering work and study here.

11. EOR center

It can be described as an even older building than the one mentioned above. All the faculty and postgraduate students who major in enhancing oil recovery work and study here.

12. Engineering Building, suite A

13. Engineering Building, suite B

Typically, most of the labs conducting experiments are settled in these two buildings. As we all that practice can be important indeed, so here is the place where theory might be testified. Some of the students and their tutors even work till mid-night to obtain data.

14. College of Science

All the faculty and postgraduate students who major in science work and study here.

15. Multifunctional Hall

This cylindrical building can be used for many events. Among all its functions, the most meaningful one shall be hosting the annual job fair. A student in this university usually determines his career in this hall. If you are willing to have a try working in China after graduation, you can also submit your resume to the companies.

16. Natatorium

Inside the indoor natatorium there is a thermostatic swimming pool, which might be the most welcomed place among international students. Through the whole year, you can enjoy swimming here at any season. What is more, it shall not cost you too much: each time charging you 8 rmb.

  • Tip: you can apply for a thirty-time card to make an eighty percent discount.

17. Student Center

It is completely a newly-built construction, aiming to serve better for the students. We students can review courses here in such comfortable environment. In the first floor there is a supermarket managed by students ourselves, trying to relieve the burdens of our parents. Besides, on the third floor, there can be a coffee bar, cheap and decorated.

18. Fengyu Playground

Actually it is a football playground with tracks and other facilities. Every afternoon, you can always see boys and girls do exercise here. What might be more stirring, school opening ceremony and sport meeting of each year just occur here.

19. Zhongyou Mansion

It is a relatively new building on southern campus. College of Petroleum Engineering and other colleges are settled here. The offices of many famous and respectable professors, even academicians in Petroleum industry, are in the building, so if you have any question in study, you can come here for help.

20. No.3 Teaching Building

This building would be mainly used for undergraduate teaching. All the undergraduate students chose to study here also after classes. Unlike the teaching buildings mentioned before, there are abundant big classrooms here. Thus you do not need to worry the seat availability.

21. Geology Building

All the faculty and postgraduate students who major in geology work and study here.


Written and Provided by Will WU