On April 28th, as part of a series of activities hosted by USTB’s International Students Office, 42 international students in paid a visit to Chinese Nationality Park.  

Aiming to learn something about Chinese folklore and get a taste of Chinese culture, the international students visited various folk villages in the park and had the opportunity to participate in a number of activities.  

Students from Nigeria joined Wa girls and boys in their traditional dances. Meanwhile some students were mesmerized by a morin khuur played by a Mongolian man and hummed along with his music. Finally, eager students gathered to take photos when beautiful Bouyei girls came into sight dressed in their traditional clothing. 

International students were amazed at the efforts that China had made to rebuild Yushu, Qinghai, after the massive earthquake. Kurdatova Shamsiya, a USTB student from Tajikistan, had a deep conversation with a Tajik girl whose grandfather was also from Tajikistan but left for China when he was young. In the Bai village, the international students played the game of hoop rolling which seemed to have reminded them of their bygone childhood.

International Students activities

This visit lasted for more than three hours and left students with a greater understanding of the diversity of Chinese culture. Through this activity, students not only had the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Beijing, but also to further their understanding of the past and present ways of Chinese life.