The International Students’ Apartment of China University of Political Science and Law is settled inside the International Exchange Center, which was built up in October 2007. The floor area of this seven-floor building would be about 25000 square meters, with a height of 24 meters. The Exchange Center may be sort of multifunctional: hosting a conference, offering dinners, handling official business and entertainment. According to the division of these functions, there could be about 168 rooms available for International Education College to allot to the foreign students.

All the rooms are double ones with a domestic standard of three-star, which would in total be 336 beds in this building. Currently, more than 50 international students from countries like Korea, Mongolia, Argentina etc., or areas such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, have been dwelled in this department. I personally talked about the living condition with some of them, the feedback are mostly positive.

Let’s have a look at the details of the room. Each room can be described as fully-equipped, reasonably-designed, and quite comfortable, thus can be really suitable for an overseas student studying and living here. Specifically speaking, there is a separate bathroom in the room. Whata��s more, you can enjoy services like the hot water within 24 hours, air-conditioner, and the Internet. The furniture adopted here may be produced by companies with a famous brand. So the quality should be good and you do not need to worry about your health.

Besides, in the building there would be a gym, reading room, student activity room and laundry room serving for you. Although some of them are not free, the charge might be relatively cheap and acceptable somehow. Some pictures regarding the room will be showed below.

Next, we will inform you something about the location of the apartment. Outside the center, it is No.3 canteen. The dishes there are delicious. If you want to buy something, walking toward the south direction about 500 meters there are two shopping malls: Sunshine Business Mansion and Guotai Business Mansion.

  • Supermarket in the first floor of Sunshine would be highly recommended and discounts might be considerable in these two malls;
  • Buses stopped at two bus stations would take you to the main city of Beijing, fast and convenient indeed;

Our campus is surrounded by mountains with trees, so looking outside from the window of the dorm, the scene is great and fascinating. All of them are spotted in the map below.

Some particular aspects involving the administrative regulation need to be highlighted.

  • At 11:30 pm, the building would be closed so you have to come back to your dorm in advance to avoid unnecessary trouble;

  • You are not allowed to make any noises in order not to disturb other students;

  • Smoking and pets would be seriously forbidden in the apartment.

Last but not the least, you need to know the fees required to dwelling in this apartment. Normally, there are two different type of charge: 10500 rmb per school year with fees for electricity included and 1050 rmb per month with fees for electricity included also. You can make decisions all by yourselves depend on the actual situation.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to call 0086-010-58909491 or 0086-010-58909488 to ask Mr. Qi and Mr. Gan for help.

Written and Provided by Will WU