I come from Indonesia. My hometown is in Tangerang which is very close to Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). I am a Chinese descendant which live in Indonesia, and it is one of the reason I have both Indonesian and Chinese name since I was born. My Indonesian name is Erwin Chandra and my Chinese name is e?�e��?�Y.

It is a big occasion to study at HIT with its attractiveness, experiencing the winter season which takes like 3 to 4 months in a year, and the chance to study in HIT which is one of the best universities in the world especially for my major(civil engineering).

Harbin is a very beautiful city, especially the ice craft statue all along the streets in this city. If you go to Harbin do not forget to go to the ice festival. I could say that it is the best ice festival in the world which is held every year from late December to late February. Here, I have to notice about Zhong Yang Street, the main street in Harbin with the European style building at both sides. This street is a walking street where does not allow vehicle to go through.

Since we do not have winter season in Indonesia, it is a great involvement to be an HIT students. I experienced how to make snow man, threw snow balls, and also played snow board. Actually Harbin is not that as cold as what people says. Harbin government has a policy to have central heating system all over the city. Every time we feel cold, just get into the room and you will feel the 25 degrees Celsius. So, I think it is a must for you to visit Harbin in winter when you have chance. It is a great chance, a great experience, and a great involvement.

Write by Erwin Chandra,A�Indonesian student studying English-taught civil engineering courses in HIT