Hangzhou food is characterized by its light flavors, enjoyable presentation and delicate cooking methods. Hangzhou cuisine makes crisp, tender, light and fresh dishes. The most famous dishes include West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Shelled Shrimp with Dragon Well Tea, West Lake Water Shield Soup and Dongpo Pork.

West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce (e????�e��e�?)
It is a famous dish with traditional flavor. It is cooked with live grass carp. The fish needs to be put in a tank to starve it for two or three days, to let go the trash in its bowels and the smell of soil. The fire need to be strictly controlled when cooking it.

Shelled Shrimp with Dragon Well Tea (e?�a?�e�?a�?)
This dish is prepared with shelled fresh water shrimps and the well-known Dragon Well (Long Jing) green tea leaves. It is beautiful in color has a special taste.

West Lake Water Shield Soup (e????�eZ?e???��)
Prepared with the West Lake Water Shield (a plant that grow in West Lake) and minced chicken slices, it tastes fresh and delicious.

Dongpo Pork (a??a??e��)
It is cooked by braising fine-skinned and thin pieces of fat streaky bacon with famous Shaoxing wine in a sealed pot. When the dish is ready, the bacon will be moist and red, and the sauce will be thick and tasty. It tastes savory, sweet and full of body, but not greasy.
It is said that Braised Dong Po Pork was first made by the great litterateur Su Dongpo (Su Shi), he helped people in the flood in Xuzhou when he was the governor. In order to thank him, citizens send him plentiful pork when knowing that he was fond of that.

Shallot Stuffed Pancake (e��a?�??�)
Shallot Stuffed Pancake is one of traditional and tasteful specialties in Hangzhou. Rolled up onion in the ripe cake, and pressed the pancake with an iron plate until the pancake was flat then finally fried the pancake until it's golden. Such kind of pancake tastes extremely delicious. So the name of Shallot Stuffed Pancake got from this way and it became very famous from then on.

Deep-fried Bean Curd Rolls Stuffed with Minced Tenderloin (??�????��e��e�?)
Bean curd rolls are cut into small segments, and then deep fried. The bean curd rolls are golden and taste crispy with a faint scent of soybean.

Victory Cake
This cake is made with delicate and steady glutinous rice flour as its cover, and bean paste filling with some white sugar and flours as its stuffing. The taste of Victory Cake is fragrantly and deliciously glutinous, sweet but not greasy. What's more, it is very cheap with only one Yuan for a part. It is widely accepted to be special snack of good quality products at good values. The cake is formed in lobed shape, pink color, delicate moisture, waxy and sticky crunchiness, very sweet and delicious taste. Not only for its delicious taste, is the Victory Cake also loved by the public for its symbolization of "victory".? It has become an ideal festival season gift around this Area.

Crisp Cake
The Crisp Cake is one of well-known specialties in Hangzhou. It's used to be mentioned and highly praised in The Scholars—one famous novel in the Qing Dynasty. The cake is made with superior flour mixed with white sugar, fried with peanut oil. It's crisp and tasty in golden color.