Hi guys, I am Unsal from Turkey,A�I am a master student at Fudan University.
How I apply Fudan University
Actually I want to apply China’s universities by myself but most of them don’t have good A�websites and hard to find what you are looking for, then I communicate with A�Turkish agencies, but all of them were expensive. While searching on the internet I A�found “CUCAS“. Then I logged in I tried to find a university in which meet my expectations, they always contact at me. The only things which I have to do it preparing my documents ! Actually during that period I didn’t face anyA�difficulties,A�the biggest which I made is that, I forget to book period and I didn’t book a dorm in Shanghai. Because of this problemA�I have to come Shanghai one week before everyone for searching dorm. Please be careful about the dates.
How I prepare the application materials
When I planned to study master program. I try to check requirements ofA�universities, most of them want us letter ofA�recommendation. So,A�I spoke my teachers and I want for them write letters ofA�recommendation.A�3 of my teachers provide it.
I choose two university, one of them is Fudan University A�EMA-Finance program the other one is University of International Business and Economics Logistic Management program. IA�checkedA�their curriculum via CUCAS then I decided to go to Fudan.
How I applied Visa
First I search from the internet and I learned visa requirements fromA�http://tr.chineseembassy.org/tur/A�. The cost was 58$.
I get my visa 3 weeks later because of my health certificate, this was the second mistake of applying visa. You should be careful about health certificate, it must be English and it must be get from good hospital. China Embassy can show you which health certificate will be acceptable.
Why study in China
The reason why A�I choose China is that: China is second biggest economy in the world and it getting bigger in every aspect also Turkey and China try to improve their relations especially in trade also if you know Chinese in Turkey you can find job easily compared to others. In addition I wonder Chinese culture and tradition.
I choose Fudan because Fudan school of economics better than UIBE in world university ranking, also I asked to Chinese teacher who live in Turkey for teaching Chinese to the university students, she told me Fudan is good university also living in Shanghai like Istanbul. Also one of my friends who live in Beijing told me Shanghai life is better than Beijing in every A�aspect.
Preparing my lugrgage
While I preparing my luggage, I am thinking you are going to China you can find cheaper clothes. But it is not easy to find cheaper and qualified clothes, please bring enough clothes with you :) buying clothes in Shanghai is not easy and not cheap !A�Also sometimes they check your luggage and they can take your food it is up to you. My opinion don’t bring to much food because in Shanghai you can reach several types of products.
Cash and Exchange money
Shanghai is not cheap city. You should bring enough money it depends on you. In addition, you can exchange money in airport, also almost all Chinese banks provide currency exchange. As far as I remember you can only exchange 5000$ a day. Don’t forget to bring A�your passport !