It is a high frequency word in summer. Today, we will learn this Chinese character and its usage.

c?�(rA?): hot, heat, fever

The basic meaning is hot. We can describe summer likea�?a�?a��c?Yc?�a�?



Besides, this character has many positive meanings.

a�?c?�a??e��a�?(rA? xA�n chA?ng) means the man is very kind and loves to help others. When we describe someone who loves to help others, we can saya�?a��???a??c?�a??e��a��a�?

a�?c?�e�?a�?(rA? nao)means lively, bustling with noise and excitement. When we have festival, we may saya�?c?Yc?�e�?a��a�?

a�?c?�e�?a�?(rA? A�mA�n)means popular, hot topic of discussion. You may know more and more foreigner is learning Chinese language. A�a�??��e?�e??a??c?�e�?a��a�?

Well, we have learnt the most important meaning of a�?c?�a�?. Can you understand the following sentence?


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