It is a high frequency word in summer. Today, we will learn this Chinese character and its usage.

热(rè): hot, heat, fever

The basic meaning is hot. We can describe summer like“夏天真热



Besides, this character has many positive meanings.

热心肠”(rè xīn cháng) means the man is very kind and loves to help others. When we describe someone who loves to help others, we can say“他是个热心肠。”

热闹”(rè nao)means lively, bustling with noise and excitement. When we have festival, we may say“真热闹。”

热门”(rè  mén)means popular, hot topic of discussion. You may know more and more foreigner is learning Chinese language.  “汉语课很热门。”

Well, we have learnt the most important meaning of “热”. Can you understand the following sentence?


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