Fudan University accommodation facilities: Fudan provides to their foreign students 7 building in Handan Campus.photo 3
Main building
This is called main building,  one of the biggest dorm in Shanghai which has 23 floor, this dorm has two type of room single or double, in every floor there is shared kitchen and all rooms has own bathroom, toilet and air conditioner . The kitchens are equipped with: gas oven , refrigerator, washing machine (the card to access it can be purchased at the laundry room, Supplementary Building, Unit 4),  water heater , and automatic water boiler . All the rooms in the main building with balconies, air-conditioner,  telephone , internet access (6 months or yearly purchase to access). Please note: The beds come with no bedding.
Address: Fudan Foreigner Students dorm, Wudong road #57  Shanghai
prices in main building:
double room: 55RMB/day
single room: 80RMB/day
The supplementary buildings
photo 1
Supplementary building is just behind the main building. It consist of 6 buildings, each floor has two apartments. Each apartment has 4 single rooms, sitting room , bathrooms. Each of the single rooms have balconies, air-conditioner. There is a laundry room located in the supplementary building  Unit 4,  don’t forget to bring beds this apartments also with no bedding.
When you get acceptance letter from Fudan they also send international students guide book you can easily book from the internet also you can pay accommodation fee from the internet.
price in the sub building:
single room 45 RMB/day
Tohee Internetioanl Student Village
Tohee can be good alternative of Fudan dorms. It is located Wudong road, just across  to Fudan Foreigner students dormitory(Handan Campus)
location of tohee
prices of Tohee:
120RMB/day  (price for short term)
Pay attention to the book period
The mistake which I made is that I didn’t book dorm actually I forget the booking period you should be careful. Tohee also provide online booking you must book a room before you coming otherwise you cannot find dorm easily I don’t  advise to rent a house, it is better to find dorm because rent a house is complex and prices is high in Shanghai, you can book a room easily from website which I give.
Finally I am happy in Fudan main building , around the dorm you can reach whatever you want( Wallmart, Kfc, Mc donalds, Muslim restaurants, H&M,Starbucks  and two metro station Line 3 ( Jiangwan Town station ), Line 10 ( Jiangwan Stadium station)
Facilities of dorm is enough for me
How can you reach Fudan dormitory:
from Pudong International Airport
by taxi it will be more than 200RMB
by metro: get in metro from Pudong airport station and get off at  (East Nanjing Road)  then interchange line 10 and get off metro in (Jiangwan Stadium) station;  then take a taxi around 14RMB
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