When you start your study in China, you have to keep touch with others and you have to pay for living and studying fees. In this article, I’ll tell you how to use the mobile phone and how to apply a debit card in China.

About Cell Phone

Please bring the cell phone which can be used in China. CMNET (China Mobile Network) supports WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM network. You can consult the service provider of your cell phone.

About SIM Card

You can go to the China mobile business hall to apply the SIM card, you have to bring  your passport and fill a form. It is kind of complicated. You can also buy a SIM card in a shop. It is about 80 Yuan to 100 Yuan. Often it contains telephone charges. Before you buy it, you can ask your teacher or the Chinese friend to make sure of it.

About Debit Card

There four nationalized banks in China. They are: The Bank of China(中国银行), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(中国工商银行), China Construction Bank(中国建设银行) and Agricultural Bank of China(中国农业银行). There are also lots of  commercial banks in China. If you are no sure about that, you can Google it first.

When you apply the Debit Card, you have to go to the bank with your passport. Then you have to fill a form about your personal information. Before you fill the form, you have to make the follow things clear:

  • Your cell phone number or the telephone number of your dorm or the hotel
  • The address of your living place. You’d better prepare it in Chinese word.
  • Your passport and the copy. When you fill the form, make sure the name you write on the form is as same as the name in your passport.

After you fill the form, it is easy to apply the debit card. If there is any mistake, the bank teller will show you.


I hope you can get into Chinese life easily. If you have any question about your living or studying in China, you can leave a comment here.