As an international student of China University of Petroleum – Beijing (CUPB), there might be no need for you to worry about what to eat and youa��ll have so many perfect choices both in and out of the campus.

>>> On Campus Canteen

  • No.1 canteen (4)It is the biggest one with four floors in it. This canteen normally caters for Chinese students so its dishes mainly include regional characteristic food of domestic provinces in China;
  • No.2 canteen (3)It has three floors and might be described as a mixed canteen. Here you can enjoy different type of dining environment, such as western-style food restaurant, peaceful separate room and so on;

    Western-style food restaurant A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� A� Peaceful separate room

  • Heyuan canteen (5)It is a one-floor and not big canteen which aims at students and teachers from northern part of China;
  • Xuezi canteen (2)The nearest canteen from the foreign student dormitory, which is also a one-floor canteen.

>>> Personal tips for international students:

  • The price of having meal in No.1 canteen may be relatively cheaper than other ones (especially the breakfast), but this place is always over-crowed so somehow could make you feel uncomfortable.

  • No.2 canteen is famous for its pleasant environment, but the price here might not be that lovely. Fortunately, on the first floor there are Islamic dining windows. They cook food with spicy like the fired rice and beef with leeks which are all favored by Muslims.

  • Noodles in Heyuan canteen deserve your attentions because seldom no one shows dislike for it.

  • Xuezi canteen is known for its authentic Sichuan food. As a native Sichuan boy, it is highly recommended for you to have a try there because I really want to share something nice from my hometown with you international guys.

>>> Resturants Outside the Campus

Here wea��ll have some selected places recommended for international students, and they are given in groups as a particular category.

  • Mai Maiti(18 Zhong Shi road) and Bei Fulai( 25 Yan Pin road):

    They mainly serve pure Muslim food to customers and no exotic food shall be allowed here. The expense having meals in Bei Fulai would be about 50 rmb per person and that in Mai Maiti would be a little cheaper, 40 rmb per person. The picture blow is the masterpiece of Bei Fulai: Saute Spicy Chicken, and Mai Maiti also have this dish.

  • Little sheep(32 South street) and Big kitchen(7 Gulou south street):

    They are restaurant with hotpot. You can put both meat and vegetables into the pot. The expense having meals in Little sheep would be about 80 rmb per person and that in Big kitchen would be a little cheaper, 50 rmb per person. Besides, showing your student card can make you enjoy an eighty-percent discount.

  • McDonald’s(Sunshine Commercial Building ) and KFC(Century Mart):

    Famous fast-food restaurants as you know. Totally speaking, food and environment here are not different with other ones in other places in the world. They are good choices for international students to get through the tough time when they firstly arrive at China.

  • Summer Radish (33 Fu Kang road) and Shu Garden(junction of Fukang road and Zhenxing road)

    They are restaurant offering provincial food, especially food of Sichuan and Hunan provinces. The expense having meals in Summer Radish would be about 65 rmb per person and that in Shu Garden would be a bit more expansive, 80 rmb per person. The picture blow is the masterpiece of Shu Garden: Water Boiled Fish.