Myself Satya Prakash Singh from India. Friends call me Satya . My major is M.B.B.S. I came to China on December, 11, 2011. This was the very first time when i came abroad. I landed in China with many of my classmates at BaiiyunAirport at late night 3 oa��clock. I Was feeling very sleepy but from inside I was very happy and excited to see a totally different sights through my eyes As I came from a small town of India known as Chattisgarh. I and my classmates who came from India we were in a one bus from airport that was bound to take us to JINANUNIVERSITY. It was a journey of 1 hour from airport to the university. When the bus was entering inside the campus I were stunned to see the beauty of the campus and the main gate called as south gate of Jinan university.

A�Most interesting part was that while we were coming from India our flight got delayed for 24 hours and i was very tired and excited also to reach China. At last when boarded on plane more excitement starts and was very interesting feeling in the heart that i will be in that place about which i was listening since three to four months from my counseller.


a�?Simply meeting new people has been my favourite thing about College. There’s lots of ambitious people at this College and ita��s easy to find someone into the same things as you. I remember reading that the six closest people you surround yourself with, contribute to your future and what you turn out to be. Ambitious students are an invaluable attribute to this College and something which seems to be in the air and the water.a�?

1st day in College

As i reached very late night in campus, we were helped from the teacher of JinanUniversity to get to our rooms. I cana��t forget that glimpse near Gymnasium we all were coming down from bus and i was the only one who were searching for my luggage like a jumping jack, But i discovered that it was with one of my friend. I slept and woke up in the morning and went to the meeting to get familiar with the staff of JNU (IS).

I was very hungry and i want to eat something then i went to canteen by seeing from outside it was very big and when i went inside i saw many things which were out of my mind. I wandered what should i eat. But somehow it was a good time i make some friends and at last we found a good stuff to eat at night.


I find that if I understand the preceding principle, then I am able to order my life practically around that. But simply put, this principle of prioritization directs where and how should I spend my time.Managing time is biggest factor here in Jinan means there is so much to do in Jinan that one would not be having time for there personal life but with support and cooperation of my friends and teachers i am managing it in a pretty good manner. Life in china is full of colors and enjoyment, i would say that this is land of hope and people here are very friendly, so its becoming very easy to manage everything. I am monitor of my class since 2 years and things are going good! Being a monitor is a tough job but my classmates are very cooperative and well mannered so it not a big deal for me.

Now I am in 3rd year of M.B.B.S studying in JinanUniversity (IS). Having agood time here. Subjects are getting tough but confidence to study is also growing day by day.


I met some extraordinary teachers like Dr Li Wei Wang our physiology teacher, a very calm and a very jolly person, just like a friend to us. Proffesor Liu, biochemistry teacher in the 1st semester, a master piece.Dr Sanqiang Pang anatomy teacher a very good teachers with great knowledge which made my studies easier. They all are very well and extremely qualifies with great experience about their subjects. They never made us feel that they are teacher, at first they are our friends and then teacher with a very friendly environment with all the student. Once i asked for an help with vice dean to take one medicine from India for me he took and specially call me and handed to me.

That was very great feeling from that I learned to respect every individual.

We have Indian teachers also who are greatly qualified and with pretty good experience.


In JinanUniversity there is a student union which organise Sports competition (Qiao Sheng Bei), Cooking Competition (JCF), English Evening, New Year party, Cultural Dance International Festival which was broadcasted in whole china live. They are having an separate group known as OSD who can converse in english to the foreigners so that there should be no problem of language. They organize such kind of competition as like that people feel that its really awesome.

Cool calm time with friends

I and my friends went many places in Guangdong province like Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan many other places. Inside Guangzhou we went Lianhua Shan, Yuexiu Gongyuan, Zoo. I had a very pleasent time in Guangzhou and as well as in Jinan university with the help of staff of JNU (IS). Whenver i had problem when i got stuck somewhere while roaming outside campus i called Samuel Zhao or Andy He, they helped us telling how to go to that place which will be easier.o ooo gosh I forgot to mention about my very good friends Mr. Andy and Mr. Samuel they are really great and very helpful.

Scholarship program

I would like to mention about scholarship program by our university for outstanding students .I got it twice in two years and still hoping to get it coming years . This year college started a new scholarship for international students. I think its really encouraging step for all the students to studyA� hard.

My talk

Before coming here I was an average student but I realized my strength and my weaknesses here. And now I find myself to be much better I am planning to continue my future studies in America. My motto is a�?dona��t follow success rather follow knowledge and success will run after youa�?.

a�?Lastly I would like to conclude that work hard in life and the succes will be yoursa�?

Written byA�A�A�Satya Prakash Singh ,MBBS ,2011 BATCH

Revised by Karthika

Edited by Andy