Four Steps to Accomplish the Plan of Studying in China

CUCAS will clear all your confusion and worries.

\  Comparison of different application ways

Application Ways Apply Directly Local Agency CUCAS Other Agency in China
Service Fee No 500$-1000$ 50$ 50$-200$
Selectable Programsi??Legali?� Few A Few Abundant General
Application Methods Email or Mail Face to Face or Email Online Application Online Application
Free Accommodation Reservation Yes No Yes No
Airport Pickup Service No Yes Yes Yes
Registration Help No Yes Yes No
Collect and Remit Tuition No Yes Yes No
Compulsory Use of Follow-up Servicea�� No Yes No Yes
Consultation Service after Sales No No Yes No
Useful Document Providinga�? Yes No Yes No
Other Servicea�? No - Yes -


a��Some agency can help students finish the application and get the admission package. But they will not deliver the admission package to students until they pay other fees or pay for other service

a�?CUCAS can provide documents related to visa application, how to reach school, registration guide and school check-in. This can help students reach school and finish registration smoothly.  

a�?CUCAS delivers the admission package by DHL to applicants for free. And CUCAS will provide ISIC card, students can show it as identification and enjoy discounts when book air ticket or hotel.




TOPIf you are worried about how to realize your plan of studying in China smoothly:

1. What factors should be taken into consideration for being accepted? And how to avoid being rejected?

  • Self-qualification & School Selection: Considering your academic performance, language proficiency and economic strength, you are advised to choose the suitable school. For any questions, you can consult CUCAS Advisor.
  • Application Time: It’s better to apply 1 to 2 months earlier than the class starting date. First, China’s universities admit students based on “First Come, First Served”. Since the number of recruitment is limited, there is great chance for you to get admitted if you apply early. Second, during the application processing, careless omission, limited time, or inappropriate processing may result to failed application.
  • Visa Issue: For some countries, visa policy might change during a certain time. Students are advised to consult first and prepare beforehand. For any questions, you can consult CUCAS Advisor.

2. CUCAS Guarantee

  • CUCAS Application Review Service: CUCAS will review your application documents after you submit the application and will try its best to avoid your application being rejected.
  • CUCAS Consultation Service: CUCAS service team and application processing group will provide one-to-one consultation during the whole application process. This is to ensure everything goes smoothly during the program choosing, application materials preparing and departure preparing.
  • CUCAS Clearing: CUCAS have tried and got a free chance of Clearing for applicants who have been rejected from China’s universities, which can help students catch the last chance of studying in China.

If you plan to apply for degree programs, CUCAS advises you to consult us first. This can add more chance for you getting accepted.