Have you ever encountered a confused situation that why I cannot log in my Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or even Gmail account in the mainland of China? Right, that is because the internet restriction policy here.

BUT! Every problem always has a solution!

Here, for CUCAS students, we have developed a partnership with Strongvpn, who offers a 20% discount coupon for 100 CUCAS students exclusively on its Lite/ Standard/ Deluxe and Premium packages. With the support from Strongvpn, you can log in any of your SNS accounts freely and quickly within the mainland of China.

Coupon Details:

  • Valid for: Students who applied through CUCAS
  • Valid packages: Lite/ Standard/ Deluxe and Premium packages
  • Expires: 2014-09-30
  • Coupon Code: Please provide following information to yangyumeng@chiwest.cn for verification. After we confirm your details, we will email you back with the coupon code.
  • Information Needed:
    CUCAS application ID (important!)

How to get discount?