Hi my name is Carolina Noguera, Colombian, Ia��m doing my masters inA�Fashion at Shanghaia��s Donghua University, and Ia��m a shopaholic.


Did you ever dream about a guy that comes to your doorstep dressed up in a uniform carrying a box packed with all those things you miss from back home? Well this guy actually exists and he delivers for free and you can pay him in cash so keep reading.

Either if youa��ve been living in China for a long time or you just landed, shopping is a common issued among the foreign students, home cravings are too expensive, malls are totally a�?maibuqia�?, going to Carrefour is and endless journey packed with frustration and anger, without mentioning the mixed feelings you get once you hit the a�?imported productsa�? section and you start wondering about prices and fantasize about all those delicious things you used to eat back home.

This guide is intended to make your life easier and more enjoyable while living in China.

And you dona��t have to break the piggy bank, work illegally teaching English, or dance for a couple RMB in a NightClub, because Ia��m here to show how to make the most of your budget so you dona��t restrain yourself from those little pleasures that you love while doing your studies in China, and no, you dona��t even need to know Chinese! yay

So sit tight because therea��s a lot to learn!


Step One
Online shopping with little or no Chinese (if you can actually read Chinese please skip to step two)

So basically your Chinese skills are pretty limited or non-existing, or you just feeling lazy because leta��s be honest some days you just do not want to look at Chinese characters like at all, as a vampire who cana��t stand the daylight, sometimes I get the same with Hanzi , but do not fear my friend because Google Chrome is here to save your life.

Google Chrome allows to browse any website with the option of translating. So the first you need to do is download it and install it in your computers, some users have reported issues with the regular installer so Ia��m giving you the link to the offline installation.

Herea��s the link to install Google Chrome on your computer.


This is how it looks like once you open the link, just hit the accept and install button and youa��re good to go.

fig 1 Chrome



So once you have Google Chrome install, leta��s give it a try, type in your browser www.amazon.cn

As you can see, as Chrome detects the website just below the address / bookmarks bar, you the language that website is inA�and the option to translate it, this is how the website looks like in Chinese.

fig 2-1 amazon



Once you hit the translate button, Chrome will do all its magic and will turn those hieroglyphics into a language that your eyes and brain are able to decipher.

fig 2 amazon



Step Two
I can read / write Chinese or Ia��m just brave, Give me the juice!

Lesson1 A� A�Amazon

Ia��m starting with the website that I lost my virginity to Online Shopping in China, so the first thing you need to do is go to www.amazon.cn , in the upper left corner right next to the Amazon logo is a link that says ??�cs�a?se��e�S clickA�on it,

wo de amaxin

This is the window youa��re going to get which shows the registration page, if you can read this awesome just fill the fields and complete your registration, if not the first field is your email, or cellphone number, on the second field, you should check a�???�???a?�a???��a�???�a�? which means Ia��m a new customer, just follow the instructions to complete your registration.



Ok Ia��m registered how do I shop?
So you finished your registration, now just go to www.amazon.cn an on the top box youa��re gonna type what you want to buy, Ita��s super easy leta��s say Ia��m going to buy imported milk, just go to Google Translate and type imported milk and translate it into Chinese a�?e?�a?? c��a?�a�?, the image below the results you would get for importedA�milk, you can narrow your search by category and price if you want, one you have found one that you like all you have to do is to click on the yellow button to add it to your cart.


Ok I got everything Ia��m going to buy, now what do I do?
Now just click on your cart (upper right part of your screen) seewhata��s inside, check quantities, and then click again on the yellow button to proceed to check out.


Herea��s you add your delivery address, the payment method, you can choose cash on delivery, amazon will give you an expected date of delivery, you can choose if you want day time or night time, you can even pick a specific time to get your merchandise delivered to you.

After youa��re done with everything, just click on the yellow button, to place your order



There you go, youa��re order has been placed, now you just have to wait to get the good delivered to your house

placed order


Now that youa��re familiar with online shopping you can give it a try to my recommended websites



I hope this guide is useful to you I know I didna��t describe the process in detail but I think is kind of intuitive.

Thanks for reading me.