Traditional moon cakeA�isn’tA�easy to make. We introduce you to make a easy one – snow skin moon cake(a��cs�???e??). A�You just have to buy theA�materials on the internet and then you can make it very easily at home.


1. The moon cake powderi??a��cs�???e??c?�i?�


The moon cake powderi??a��cs�???e??c?�i?�


2.A�White oil (c�????)

image (1)_a�???�

White oil (c�????)

3.A�The moon cake stuffing

image (2)_a�???�

The moon cake stuffing

A�How to make theA�snow skin moon cake:

1. prepare 20gA�moon cake powder, 20g boiled waterA�, 2g white oil and 20g A�moon cake stuffing.

2. mix the while oil and the water then pull it into the moon cake powder

3. the moon cake powder becomeA�sticky thenA�knead itA�until it smooth

4. press the moon cake powder and then add the moon cake stuffing into it

image (3)

5. knead it into ball

6. put the ball into the moon cakeA�moldA�and then press it.

image (5)


image (4)

snow skin moon cake