b21bb051f8198618f8c8e7bb4bed2e738bd4e606_副本This character represents hot and summer. Today, we will learn “暑” and its usage.

暑(shǔ): hot, often used in phrase.

It is another word to describe “hot”. (Learn more Chinese Character – 热)

It is often used in Chinese 24 solar terms. “小暑”,”大暑” and “处暑”represent different time of the summer. July 22 to August 8 is “大暑”. It is the hottest summer time. But I think the hot weather will last a long time, only after October it will be cooler, especially in Beijing.


It has the main usage as below:

暑假(shǔ jià) means summer vacation. It is usually for students during July to September. You can say”I am spending my summer vacation” in “我正在过暑假。”

暑天(shǔ tiān) means hot days. It is not often used in oral Chinese.  When you read this phrase, you should know it is say the hot summer days.

中暑(zhòng shǔ) means heat stroke. People often get heat stroke if they exposed under the sun for a long time. If you feel uncomfortable in summer, it mostly is 中暑. You should go to see a doctor, and tell him “我中暑了。”

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