If you apply China’s universtiy through CUCAS, you may already in China for the 2013 fall semester. Yesterday, CUCAS helped a student to do the registration in University of International Business and Economics. There are 8 steps to do the school registration, we will show you how to do it. When you do the registration you can A�reference these 8 steps.

Step 1. Print information and procedure form


Follow the freshman guide which sent to you with the admission. Go to the registration place, print information and procedure form. It will show you the registration steps and different registeation offices.

Step 2. Qualification check


You should show your admission offer and passport to the teacher. This is just a little procedure to identify you are their student.

Step 3. Insurance


In order to protect the safety of international students during your stay here, all international students should have medical insurance. You can buy the medical insurance at the university. It is about RMB 600 a year.

Step 4. Tuition Payment


Pay the first year tuition fee. You should exchange money before you registration. They only accept RMB. You can pay tuition fee by Unionpay Card in UIBE.

Step 5. Picture taking


The university will take your photo to make the students ID card.

Step 6. Visa Application


You should take your passport and physical examination to the office to get the residence permit.

Step 7. Registration


Step 8. Materials and notices


Get the materials and notices, finish the registration. You can then take a look in the campus. I hope you will enjoy your study in China.


All the photoes are taken by Sisly, CUCAS STUDENT SERVICE manager. She is helping a CUCAS student do the registration in University of International Business and Economics.


CUCAS STUDENT SERVICE manager Sisly and CUCAS students in University of International Business and Economics


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