More and more young American graduates flock to China for job opportunities because job prospects are so bleak in the U.S. Shanghai and Beijing are becoming new lands of opportunity. They are lured by China's surging economy, the lower cost of living but a well paid salary.

The New York Times recently ran an article about the wave of Americans coming to China, The article made it sound as if it's easy to find a good job there even if you don't speak Mandarin or know much about Chinese culture. Is it really that easy? The answer quite simply is no.

Work and live in China, you should at least know the basic Chinese to communicate with others. You may find a job in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, which with rapid economic development, have many multinational companies. You can talk to your colleagues in English, but you will find it is hard to go shopping or take a tour in China if you don't know Chinese.

It is important to learn Chinese. You can learn Chinese both online or offline. CUCAS has the largest Chinese language course database. You can get your study plan on Chinese studying from CUCAS. You can choose to learn the basic oral Chinese or to learn an intensive Chinese program to pass the HSK. To master Chinese language is not only good for your life in China but also for you work in China. You may get more salary and promotion because your Chinese are better than other American.

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