1574r-015194bCUCAS Help Every Student Who Want to Study in China

CUCAS is the leader of Chinese university application service providers. We help CUCAS’s user to apply university and provide other service after applying. We also help other students who want to study in China. Students have any question can email us or contact our counselor online.

Recently, we received a lot of emails from students ask for university application help. These students apply to school directly, but can not contact the teacher or failed in application. So they ask us to help them accomplish the application.

Students can not get program or the payment information from the university:

I have tried to contact the Uni but they have not replied yet. Can you please give me the total cost of expenses per year at NUST?

I have applied wenzhou medical college and they sent me an admissions letter I have attached it to this email.
They asked for 800$ to be sent to this account :Money Transfer from overseas to Bank Account…They don’t know any of the staff and don’t have the address or website of wenzhou medical college
…I wanted to know if you have a legit email address for wenzhou or website or address…

Students can not contact the university after applying the program:

…I was told I should receive a letter of approval to apply for a study visa from the University, however I have not received the permit, therefore I am sending this e-mail in order to know if CUCAS can help me solve this situation…

I will arrive in Beijing on August 21 and wanted to know what I have to do to book a room…I had written to the university told me but I have answered then perhaps you can help me with this issue of accommodation…

CUCAS is Reliable

China’s Universities’ Authorizations to CUCAS

Why so many students ask help from CUCAS?

CUCAS is convenient , reliable.

  • CUCAS is authorized by Chinese universities
  • CUCAS is one of the oldest agent for Chinese university applicaiton
  • CUCAS has the largest database of Chinese universities and programs
  • CUCAS has provided service to more than 20,000 students in 6 years
  • 95% applicants recommend to apply for the china university through CUCAS

Apply by yourself VS Apply through CUCAS

It seems very easy to apply a China’s university.But in fact, it is much more complicated than you thought. And it will be more frustrated when you contact the university but get no response. The table below will show you the difference betweetn apply by yourself and apply through CUCAS.

Apply by yourself Apply through CUCAS
Information Spend a lot of time on searching so many universities and programs. At last, you may only find out a program but describe in Chinese. 1.CUCAS has hundreds of universities and thousands of programs.2.Programs are all descibed in Englsih and sync with the universities’ latest information.
Contact It is so hard to contact the university teacher 1.Contact us by telephone or online talk will get solve immediately2.Contact us by email, facebook and twitter will get solve in one workday.
Application material You prepare lots of material and fill in many forms, but you don’t know which are important and usefull. 1. CUCAS lists the material and document you have to prepare and we will tell you how to prepare that.2. The experienced teacher check your application material. It will avoid the reject because lack of material or mistake in material.
Payment Bank transfer to university account. CUCAS offers the following five types of payment method, convenient and reliable:

  1. PayPal
  2. PayEase
  3. Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas
  4. Bank Transfer (T/T) in China
  5. Western Union
Application progress You may send a lot of email to ask the application progress, but only get no response. 1. CUCAS will send you email about the latest application progress2. You can also login in CUCAS to find out the application progress
Offer You have to wait a long time to get your offer. 1. Mostly, you will get result in two weeks2. We send you offer, study gift(worth $72) and Freshmen Guide by DHL
Other service You have to go to the university by yourself and you may not have a dorm and have no idea on register. 1. We help you book accommodation.2. We provide pick-up service, take you to university from the airport3. We help you on register.

CUCAS is convenient and reliable, you just need to pay a little but you can save a lot of time and experience. If you are familiar with China, you can apply the university directly. If not, we hope you can choose CUCAS to help you apply the university. Anyway, CUCAS is love to help every student who want to study in China. If you have any questions, you can email CUCAS: service@cucas.cn.