Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics has many campuses. Foreign students will study at the Xia-Sha campus. XiaSha districtA�is in theA�northeast of hangzhou, withA�perfect facilities and convenient transportation. There are 14 universities in this area. You canA�communicate with other students in other universities.

How to get to the campus?

If you landed at Hangzhou Xiao-Shan International Airport, you have 2 ways to go to the campus.
1. Taxi
It will take about half an hour and cost roughly RMB90-100. It costs a lot but very convenient.
2. Airport shuttle bus->Taxi
The airport shuttle bus will take you to the Xia-Sha Civic Center; you have to then take a taxi to the university. This way is much cheaper, cost RMB30 in total. The bus cost RMB20 and the taxi cost RMB10. On the other side, you will take more than 1 hour to the school.

If your flight is not land in Hangzhou, you can land in Shanghai and then take bus to Hangzhou and then take the taxi to the university.
The airport shuttle bus is from Shanghai Pu-Dong Airport and to Huang-Long Tourist Transport Center or Hangzhou Civil Aviation Bus Center (Ti-Yu-Chang Road). It will cost about RMB100.

Tips: If you don’t know Chinese, write down the important address on the paper before. (ZUFE: ?��?�Ye??c�?a��e�?a?�??�?�?a??) Don’t take the “black-taxis”, they have noA�licenses and they will charge you more. You have to take the taxi at theA�taxi A�area.


ZUFE hasA�a convenient traffic. There are many buses pass by the school. You can easily find the bus station near south gate on the Xueyuan road.

I. B1-Bus Rapid Transit (Bus fare RMBA?4.00)

The BRT service is fast in speed, high in frequency, large in passenger capacity and short in route distance. Youa��re advised to take this option if your destination is Hangzhou East Coach Station, Intime Department Store or Hangzhou Tower.

II. X1 Bus Line (Bus Fare RMBA?4.00)

This route is long in distance and time, most of the stops are at universities.

III. K401 (RMBA?3.00)

Our university is the starting point of this route, so you can easily find seat for yourself when you get on the bus.

IV. K210 Night (A?4.00)

This bus is only for the night.


Xia Sha green cab: you can take it go toA�anywhere in the College City. It just cost RMB2.

The minimum fee for Xia Sha taxi is RMB5 with 3 km.

Hangzhou city taxi charge RMB10 within 3 km, and if exceeds, the extra fee is charged as 2Yuan/km plus 1Yuan gas fee.


There is only one subway in Hangzhou: subway line 1. A�It will take you just 20 mins to the HangzhouA�downtown.

The subway charge by distance, from RMB2 to RMB8.

Hangzhou subway

Hangzhou subway