Hannah DeJong, a Chinese born American girl, was adopted by her American family since she was 8 years old.

After moving and living in Texas, USA for an entire 12 years, she became fluent in speaking English but lost her ability to speak Chinese because there was no Chinese living in where she lives, so she couldn’t communicate with people using her Chinese. Therefore, she wants to come back to China to master Chinese language once again.

She’s young and lovely, with a great passion to volunteer in communities for several times. She has determined to spend a whole year on learning Chinese in Beijing, so she applied Beijing Open University due to the low tuition fee. But later she came to CUCAS to ask if there was any scholarship opportunity for her so that she may get admitted into her first-choice—Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).

CUCAS staff were delighted to help her, so they contacted the university to see the possibility. Fortunately, CUCAS successfully got her a place in Beijing Government Scholarship which would cover all her tuition fee, and our staff happily informed her the good news and told her to prepare all the application material.

Results turned out good enough. Hannah was accepted by BLCU as a student to study the Chinese program. She made a short video to share her experience with CUCAS, and sent it to us via email. The video is really impressive. It shows her positive personality and talent as a graduate majoring in Graphic Design.

Below is the report she sent to us about her experience when she was a child. It could be seen that Hannah is an outgoing and happy girl, also willing to help children with disabilities.

Hannah Dejong Scholarship BJOU 2014-19


Hannah Dejong Scholarship BJOU 2014-18