If you are applying to Beijing Language and Culture University through a site of www.blcu.org, STOP! It is a phishing website. BLCU.ORG is an agent which charges huge service fee from applicants and its website misleads applicants to take it as BLCU’s official website. Actually, BLCU terminated cooperation with it several years ago.

There are lots of students having been claiming to us that they paid to BLCU.ORG about USD 20,000 for one year tuition and accommodation, while the real price is only for about USD 8,000.

The phishing websites we found are as below:

The three websites with same design belong to a same company called Sinowest International Education. Should you have any doubt about the organization you want to apply through, you can send e-mail to marketing@cucas.cn and our staff will help you to tell whether it is a spam or not.