chinese-learning-in-beijing (1)Many international students didn’t have clear career goal when they decided to study in China. Some of them were overwhelmed when faced with thousands of academic majors that they knew little about.

Unlike the other country’s universities, China has its own special education system. Students should declare a major first and then study it till graduate. It is very complex to change the major in China’s universities.

Choosing a major is very important. If you choose a major you don’t like, it will be a waste of money and time. I hope you can avoid making these common mistakes.

1. Following the crowd: Many students see majors as two categories: popular and unpopular.

Popular majors include those that will lead to high-paying jobs with relatively bright job prospects. Some international students choose the popular majors because they assume that the more people that choose them, the better the majors were.

This could be why many international students prefer majors such as economics, MBBS and engineering. My suggestion is rather than choosing whatever is popular, you should find out what your favorite subject is and what kind of job you really want to do in the future.

2. Only choose English-taught programs: Most international students only choose the English-taught programs. It is easy for them to study without language problem.

Compared to Chinese-taught programs, English-taught programs are very few and will cost more money. If you intend to choose the English-taught programs, you may lose the major you are really favorite.

It is not to hard to pass the HSK. If you pass the HSK level 3, you can understand most of the programs. No matter what programs you choose, you still need to know Chinese language when you studying and living in China.

3. Just apply universities in big cities:A�Many students just know Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. They are China’s top 3 biggest cities with high economic development and city construction.

It will be comfortable when you study in these big cities. You can buy things easily and have lots of funny party. But the cost of living is really high. If you have a little budget, you’d better choose other cities in China.

There are many international students in big cities, so the competition is fierce. You will easily apply the scholarship in other cities which will be hard in the big cities.

I hope you can avoid these common mistakes and have a really enrich study experience in China.


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